Listen, there was a time I was oblivious to certain RULES one needs to follow when texting women.This was a source of major frustration for me.

It was already hard for me to form connections with women – and when I did, I lost them in no time because of the silly text/phone “rules” that I didn’t know about.

Are you frustrated that you lose women with texting and email almost every time?

I know, I used to hate that feeling!

It was outright painful and depressing to watch woman after woman lose interest in me. The most frustrating part was that I had no idea what I was doing wrong. I mean, it was simple texting or emailing, what could I do differently…?

I lost many attractive women because of this one frustrating element.

If this is happening to you as well then you’re making the same mistakes I used to.

Here are the 4 mistakes most men make when texting women and how to fix them:

Mistake number one: Not generating any emotions when you FIRST interacted with the woman. When most men first meet a woman, they invest all their energy into asking for a phone number or getting a date. This always ends up turning bad with the occasional exception when the woman is really into you.

You generate very few emotions in a woman when you spend your energy getting her number or trying to set up a date.

When you call her the next day she has lost all the initial excitement she felt when she was around you. Too much time has passed and the feelings have faded. This makes women less interested in continuing to talk to you or come out to see you.

Think about it for a minute… she is an attractive woman and she is used to getting hit on and asked for her number all day long. She won’t talk to every guy who shows interest in her.

The only time she will make an effort is if she’s truly drawn to you.

Women do not have time to go on 3-4 dates a week. They don’t even desire to go on multiple dates. Most women hope to meet one special man and be with him.

If you want to succeed with women you need to establish that special emotional connection when you first meet her or she won’t waste her time on you.

You need to make a woman desire you after you leave. Once this happens she will wait anxiously for your to text or call.

You will be surprised how often the woman will ask for your number, initiate the date and be the first one to text once she experiences a strong connection with you.

Mistake number two: Appearing needy and desperate. Most men come across very needy and desperate in their attempt to get a woman’s number and with their follow up over the phone. Women are used to this fact. This is why they like to take things slowly and avoid getting tangled up with a desperate stalker.

Avoid coming across desperate at all costs!

Take your time.

It’s ok to show interest in a woman and ask her out but you need to do it on your own terms. Establish mutual connection and mutual desire before asking for her number.

Woman like most human beings desire partners they value.

By persisting for her number too soon you demonstrate she has more value than you and this makes you less attractive. Build some connection first and only then go for her number.

She is a woman you just met. She could be a total psycho for all you know.

Exchanging numbers with the intention to get to know her and not to seek a date or win her over.

Maintain the attitude with your texts. Don’t try too hard or too persistent.

Pace your texts to hers. It’s ok if she does not text for couple days.

Often time women test to see how far men will go to be with her.

By giving her space you demonstrate non-neediness. This will help when you ask her out on a date.

The rule with texting is to not only maintain or escalate attraction but also to increase comfort so she will come out to see you.

Mistake number three: Being a stranger. Most men initiate text messages with statements like: “hey it was nice meeting you”, or “Hey it’s so and so from XYZ”. This brings in the awkwardness of reinitiating the conversation.

They now have to respond with a formal text.

This is a step in the opposite direction.

You have already established friendship and connection with this woman. Why go back to make it seem like you are just starting.

Your text message should be a continuation of the relationship from where you left off, as opposed to restarting it. This will instantly transport the woman in the state of emotions she was experiencing when she was with you.

Her response will be more friendly and flirty because she’s experiencing emotion for you. This is how you talk to your friends of long time and family members. When was the last time you texted your friend and said hey man this is your friend XYZ.

You assume your friends know’s who you are so you simply continue the conversation.

Women are emotional creatures. The majority of their life decisions are controlled by emotions.

They will respond to you based on the emotions they are experiencing at the time or reading or responding to your text.

The more you make them experience emotions the more likely they will act connected to you.

Make your text messages seem as if you are already in a relationship with her. There should be element of comfort and bonding present in your texts.

Mistake number four: Using the same frame. Another classic mistake men make is to get into a certain frame of mind and milk it until the end.

They will continue to send jokes after jokes, or continue with their flirty messages, or just won’t give up acting cocky. Women enjoy these emotions but also get bored when done for too long.

It also makes you predictable and women start losing excitement they once felt for you.

Don’t be predictable.

Send a joke then ask a serious question.

Follow it up with a romantic or sexual compliment.

Don’t hesitate to tease her. It builds emotions and creates stronger bonds.

The key is to engage women with stimulating texts and have them experiencing a multitude of emotions.

We’re trying to make a woman feel connected to us on as many levels as we can. This makes them feel a void when you’re not around.

Ever wondered why a woman who doesn’t want to date you still wants you as a friend?

It’s because they’re certain emotions she craves in your company and will feel a void if you’re not around to provide them. This is why you need to get a woman used to different emotional experiences with you. This will make her attached to you on various levels.

She will continue to want more of you because she just can’t get emotional satisfaction.

I never want my women to be emotionally satisfied.

I want them seeking more and more emotions from me and thereby strengthening their desire for me.

I one time made a playful video and sent it to one of my date.

I told her it would be deleted by a certain time so she better watch it before the deadline.

She later sent me many messages begging to see it one more time past the deadline but I never heeded to her request.

The very next day she asked me out for a drink.

There’s many other important rules that you need to follow to make women experience EXTREME and UNCONTROLLABLE desire for you.

This includes getting romantic, getting sexual, asking her out on the date, making her desire you, continuation of emotions past the first date and so on.

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Magic Leone