I recently spoke at a Dating Conference in New York City.

After the conference a lot of students came to me for meet and greet, and I realized that there are lot guys who are victims of “Pick Up Myths”.

I’ve compiled the absolutely inconsistent, and damaging and most importantly TIME WASTING myths that most pickup artists try to convince you are FACTS.

In this two part email I’m going to reveal what those will only discover after being infield for a LONG TIME.

I will first discuss ten myths that you need to ignore.

Then I will hand you specific ways to dramatically jump your game so you start succeeding with beautiful women.

Let’s get started on the BIGGEST myths of pickup…

MYTH #1: Beautiful women get approached all the time

Every time I taught a workshop or give a seminar, which was a TON of them last year, I made it a point to ask the guys in attendance to raise their hands if they approach “9-10s” on a regular basis. Only one or two students out of hundreds raise their hands.

I know it sounds NUTS that beautiful women get approached LESS than other women, however…

I want you to talk to any good looking women and they will tell you that they hardly get approached in any meaningful way by men.

MYTH #2: Having a wingman is a good

Many big dating experts say that a wingman is an asset that will add value to The WORST thing you can do to limit your success with women is to have a wingman.

If the wingman does not know what he is doing he will destroy ALL interactions.

If he is better than you he will get all the attention and you will be home empty handed… yet again.

MYTH #3: Using negs to bring a woman’s value down

A light insult wrapped in the package of a compliment is a neg. Negs are used by pick-up artists to gain and maintain the attention of women who possess uncommon beauty.

The conventional wisdom is that these women are immune to standard compliments. The fact is that a neg will only work on insecure women and genuine compliments are NEVER refused or disregarded.

It’s a HUGE myth that will hurt your game.

I only date women who have self-esteem. I let them know that I admire them for who they are by giving them genuine compliments. It never fails if done correctly.

This does not make me “needy” or desperate. It makes me a confident guy who goes after what he loves. You don’t need to bring down a woman’s value if you’re confident and have a great, fun vibe.

MYTH #4: Nice guys don’t get laid

It’s the shy guy who has trouble getting laid. I am a nice guy because I do not lie or cheat but I get laid on regular basis. You do not have to play games or tricks to pull a woman into your sack. You just have to act like a man to seduce her.

MYTH #5: Women don’t want to have sex

Sure, every woman craves to go back home to play with her rabbit. Women are just as sexual as men, sometimes I wonder if they aren’t MORE sexual than men.

They only sleep with men that are sexual, non-judgmental and safe. If you know how to demonstrate the combination of those special three you will be fine.

MYTH #6: Amog competition

Amog refers to “Alpha Male Other Guys”. I have personally seen women walk away when two guys fought over her.

Trying to show off makes you come across as an insecure

You can learn the best way to still get the girl without getting into competition with other men. Another guy talking to my target is a bonus for me. She will now realize what a catch I am. THINK DIFFERENT!

MYTH #7: Build your value during your interaction

Either you have value or you don’t. If you are valuable then you have no need to demonstrate it – you will reflect it.

I’m going to reveal my best SECRET for demonstrating very high value. Instead of trying to BUILD my value – I always LOWER my value.

I tell women up front that I am broke, losing hair, and can’t speak proper English.

I get laid all the time.

I love when another guy brags his success to a woman in front of me. He comes across as trying WAY too hard and makes me appear relaxed and confident in who I am.

Use this tool with great enjoyment. You’ll notice the difference immediately.

MYTH #8: Hide your intentions

There is a popular belief among top dating coaches that if women find out early on that you want them they will run away.

Many of these coaches call this “indirect game”. They believe it will help you fly under the radar so you can snag the women down the road without her ALERTED to your REAL intentions.

I let every woman know that I want THEM.

This is exactly what I teach my students. No wonder 3 out of 4 students I trained last year got laid within a week of my training. And no wonder other companies are still struggling to get their COACHES laid. (That’s a fact)

Don’t hide your intentions. If nothing else women will be flattered that you find them highly desirable.

MYTH #9: It takes hours to get laid

Seduction happens very fast. You can spend hours before you go for the kiss but you don’t have to.

If you want to have a one night stand there is no way on this planet that you have to wait 3 hours before initiating the kiss. You gotta go for the kiss within the first 30 minutes and pull her for sex in an hour.

MYTH #10: Get her to a private place before you kiss

Never do isolate a woman from her friends unless the woman asks for it. Women definitely have an unspoken AND sometimes VERY spoken, competition. When you go for the kiss in front of her friends she feels rewarded and validated.

Make sure to win all of her friends before you go for the kiss so no one objects. If her friends like you, then your girl will have no problem getting sexual with you.

MYTH #11: Setting A Date In Advance (Time Bridge)

The concept of “time bridge” is to set up a date 7 days in advance because women are busy and they make plans.

I got some news for you: if a woman does not enjoy your company she won’t show up for the date just because she said she would. And if she really cares to be with you she will cancel her plans to join you.

Learn how to generate unstoppable and uncontrollable attraction so she wants to be with you and you won’t need any time bridging.

Stop right away if you have been using any of these.

You now need to learn the CORRECT and POWERFUL NATURAL WAYS to attract and get women.

You need to create the right mindset and practices that draw stunning but NORMAL and SECURE women into your life.

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Talk to you soon!

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