Mistake Two

My second biggest mistake was having a misguided or unclear intention.Often I would go out at night with the idea that I needed to work on one part of my game. For example, if I were dissatisfied with my eye contact, I would go out with the idea that I would only work on eye contact tonight to get a grip on it.I would go out and practice my eye contact. If it went well I would get excited and walk away instead of continuing my interaction with the woman. I would totally miss out on opportunities to sleep with women because my intention was to work on eye contact rather take a women home with me.Magic pointed this out to me.The minute I changed my intention, I started to get laid. I finally understood what it means when people say, “Do your best and God will do the rest”. I now started approaching women and instead of focusing on a particular element I started focusing on how to pull a woman home.There were times I had no idea what next to do but staying in the conversation and acting on my interest to pull a woman home got me results.Remember when you go out your only objective should be to pull a woman home or set up a date. When you go back home, you can analyze what you did right or wrong. Then ask your self two ways you could have acted differently to get better results. Next time you go out be mindful of your mistake and apply the corrections you thought of. Don’t stop at that point and continue towards your goal: Pull a woman home or set up a date.Mistake Three

By far one of the biggest mistakes I made was with my fashion. Once I had this figured out my sets became a lot easier. Fashion for me took a lot of time and effort to develop.I notice incongruent fashion on a large number of men out there especially the aspiring pickup artists. Most men dress up to fit in or hide from getting noticed. The pickup artist dresses up like a clown to get noticed. Both approaches are detrimental to seduction.The right approach to fashion is to have a good fit and little edginess to your style. Your style cannot be too far off from your identity. It is very incongruent to see a Wall Street banker sporting an Abraham Lincoln hat. It makes no sense to go to a venue and have binoculars on you.Fashion is not about being cheesy or goofy. Fashion is a statement that I am sexy and I know how to look just that. If you can reach this you are untouchable. You will play with more vagina than a gynecologist.To develop your fashion, go to a high-end store that has a stylist. Have them dress you up. Notice how the clothing fits and the overall style. Then go to a less expensive store and pick out similar clothes. Sakes 5th Ave is a good store to find a stylist. From there any mall should have stores with similar cloths.On day three of our workshop we take clients out for an image makeover. If you are planning to take a workshop you are covered. In addition we also offer fashion makeover For Men. You can get the program details here.Staying the course with dedication and fixing one mistake at a time is how I became good with women. One thing I had going for me when I started out was the willingness to go and try. I never gave up and recommend you against doing so.If you put your heart to this and spend some time learning, I guarantee you will master the charisma to be with the kind of woman you like. You will never have to compromise and will only date the woman you desire.Now get your ass off the computer and go out to meet some women.Good luck and have fun meeting women!

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