Some time back a friend of mine asked if I was going to marry this particular woman, I dated few years back.

He explained the reason behind his curiosity.

He said he has never seen a couple in so much love and with such strong connection.

I smiled and told him that you can form such connections with every woman you meet.

In fact, you are supposed to form such connection with every woman you meet even if all you want is a one-night stand.

Few weeks later, I read a study published by some psychologist in US.

This study talked about the very same technique I use to form this unbreakable bond with women.

It reiterated the importance of this technique to set up relationship dynamics that enable you to dominate women.

Fortunately, this technique came naturally and effortlessly to me. I never thought about it or learnt from anyone. It just happened and became me.

I use this technique EVERY SINGLE TIME I find myself attracted to a woman. I have used it on EVERY SINGLE WOMAN that I have dated in the last 5 years.

I have mentioned about this in numerous videos, books and articles

Fool Proof Technique To Attract Women You Like!

When I meet women that I am attracted to, I immediately start talking to them as if they are 8-year-old little girls.

I tease them the way I would tease my niece or nephew. The MOST POWERFUL ELEMENT, I touch them in a way that makes them feel like a little girl.— Watch T.E.A.S.E videos to learn the right way of touching.

On the surface, this seems like a simple thing but I cannot stress enough; the power and importance of this technique to make a woman drop her guards.

When you will touch a woman using this technique, you will make her feel safe and warm inside.

This is because your interaction will make her experience emotions from childhood, a time when most women feel safe and loved.

If you remember from basic biology touch, smell and other senses have the power to, INSTANTLY, transport us down the memory lane.

Once a woman steps into this state of mind, she starts to see you as a safe, strong and dependable person that she can rely for emotional support. These are all the triggers that generate attraction in a woman.

At this point you can lead her to do whatever you want because you have total control over her mind and body.

You can also use the speech patterns that make her experience the state of a little girl. It will be just as effective.

Now you know why women respond so well when you call them dork or a brat or give them a noogie.

You can use this technique years after you have been married to a woman and it will still be as effective.

Practice incorporating this technique into your interaction and watch how women start responding differently to you.

Make Attractive Women Desire You As The Man For Them

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