When you are sitting with a woman and don’t have much to talk about, these three topics can help get the conversation rolling:

  • Gossip: Women love to gossip. They feel excited when they get to gossip. Gossiping about your friends or acquaintances helps you establish commonality and increases bonding. If you do not have a common friend or acquaintances ask her about her friends or family members. Then make a statement or ask question that leads to gossiping about them.
  • Celebrities: There is a reason why almost every magazine and news paper is filled with talks about celebrities. People love talking about celebrities, especially women. They have strong opinions about their favorite celebrities. They love commenting on actions and lifestyles of celebrities. So next time you are with a woman and don’t know what to say, ask her who her favorite celebrity is and why. Have your soda and popcorn ready, this will be a long conversation.
  • Music: Music is another topic women love talking about. They have memories attached to songs. When they get emotional talking about these songs they associate you as the force behind their emotional state. As a result they start to connect emotionally with you. Ask them about their favorite band and why? Ask them about a song that made them cry and why? Ask them if they have ever been to a live concert and which one. Ask them what it was like to be there.

Tease women for some of their answers while complimenting on others. Do not hesitate to engage in little bit role play or cold reads. One of my dates I ended up singing “endless love” with her. Soon we were laughing because we both sucked at singing and soon we were making out which lead to sex.

Don’t hesitate to get creative and do share some of your ideas in the comment section.

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