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I am about to reveal a major phenomenon you don’t even know you’ve encountered. The phenomenon where women say one thing but really mean something completely different.

You need to be prepared to deal with this or you’ll never be successful with women.

Men who are good with women are masters at reading “In between the lines.” They do this by interacting with a woman’s EMOTIONS and INTENTIONS instead of with her logic. They are aware that once they can alter her emotions, they can alter her mind.

The above video is a great example of altering a woman’s emotions. The model starts by disagreeing with me so I toy with her emotions. I keep looking in her eyes and keep giving her sincere compliments until BAM, she starts to agree. This was not a conscious decision, her reaction was totally subconscious.

To some this may seem like Magic…pun intended. But it’s not. A trained eye knows this is no coincidence, shifting emotions is a direct result of an abundance of compliments.

This is precisely why I do not teach any lines in my workshops. Instead, I teach clients to read female intentions in order to alter her emotions.

If you want to succeed with women you need to discover how females operate and how to make an EMOTIONAL IMPACT. If you don’t I promise you that you will continue to struggle.

I have left no stone un-turned in the making of this world-class “how to flirt” training system.

If you’re ready to learn more, start with the Flirting Manual. This Video + EBook Course is a complete system to the techniques you’ll need to understand women.

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