Today I will use an email from a client of mine who is part of my 1 on 1 program. I will use the email from him to point mistakes he made during interaction with a woman he just met. I will also highlight what he did right so you can benefit.

A little background info on him:/p> He took his first 1 on 1 session with me in July of 2010. If you remember, I wrote a newsletter describing how he got rejected by every single woman he approached he first night of training. And how things changed for him where he was hanging out with beautiful women on his arms by the end of training.

He has come a long way since then. He has pulled several women home for sex including women from bars and work place. He has developed skills where women are flirting with him in front of their boyfriends. The list goes on and on.

He has now reached a level where is starting to seduce 9′s and 10′s. This email talks about one of the really hot women he met.

Read my responses in blue. Here we go:

Hey magic!

I know you are really busy but I wanted to see if I could get any insight and also to see if our monday phone call could happen on either thursday or friday anytime.

What can I say I am in demand :)

So I just went out with this girl who looks just like Megan Fox, OMG she’s hot! To give some quick background, I went out one night and opened this 2 set.


It went really well and my target kept stroking and playing with her hair so much it was like it was an IOI demo! I talked to her and her friend for a while, and a few minutes after getting her number I grabbed her hand and took her to dance. She totally complied, Then I talked to her for a bit and noticed her friend was getting bored, especially after she pulled out her cell phone (that really is the universal signal for I’m bored or uncomfortable) I tried to pull her back into the conversation but that didn’t seem to work as well as I hoped.

Good that you are paying attention to women’s body language. This is very important. You have to pay attention to women’s reactions so you can make calibrated moves. I see men after men who keep making moves without paying attention to how their targets react. These mis-calibrated moves often result in the death of interaction.

You played by the book and got sexual right away by holding her hand and taking her to dance floor. This was a beautiful example of level 2 touching from the T.E.A.S.E model. You have to get sexual and start touching women right away.

Big mistake that you ignored her friend. This is exactly why I recommend against isolating the friend and ask that you befriend everyone with her. You should know better! Here is the video to remind you:

My new thing is I will always text a girl that same night, and so far that has worked 100% of the time. So she didn’t replay, I figured I lost her because her friend didn’t approve of me. But a few days later she texts me back. I wait a till later that day and respond then nothing again for a day. She responds with the bar she bartends at and invites me over. I don’t respond and show up with a male and female friend, figure that was best. We hang out and drink, i talked to her here and there and had a smoke break with her trying to kino as much as possible. I did go for or the kiss but didn’t get it.

Yes it is a good idea to text women the same night but not necessary. If this is working for you stick to it.

Sometimes women do take time to respond. It is good that you waited few days as opposed to sending her more texts or initiating a phone call. Since she is a bartender, she is used to men kissing her ass. This is also why you not chasing her made her to get in touch with you.

Once again you beat her in her game by showing up at the bar with friends instead of replying to her message. You have truly mastered the mindset from our workshop on how to tease women and build value so they want you. Good Job!

And I love it that you took her out for a smoke break and got sexual again. The best part is that you borrowed this from our day game system to pull sales clerk out of the store to get sexual and applied it to this situation. Very well done!

Your approach this night reveals that you have mastered the mindset of being a guy who is wanted by women. You acted like it was normal for you to show up at the venue and it was the only natural thing to take her out on the smoke break and get sexual.

This time she is the first to text me the next day saying she had a lot of fun, so I figure I must be winning her over. She then went to New York (I don’t know what’s with all these girls that leave town the minute I meet them!) I text and her usual two to three days later she responds. I give her crap about her texting speed, and invite her to a party me and my roommate are having. We had a few text exchanges saying she will go to the party and she invites me out!

She texted you because you played cool last night god job. Good job on teasing with your text message and also for leading her to come out to the party! This was perfect demonstration of persistence without neediness.

We go out to a club and have a blast, I have her laughing, and we are dancing(which I really need to get better at). So my questions… That night I try more kino and to get as close to her as possible. She is very push/pull. She shows IOI, talks and stands very close to me, every now and then pushes away from me or puts distance between us if i try to hold her. I try to do the same, by the end of the night she did get more comfortable being closer to me.

This is where you slipped. She ended up leading the interaction. You should have used Kino moves from the T.E.A.S.E model to lead her. This is also why I teach in the workshops how to be dominant with your body language, touch and MINDSET so a woman can’t object. When she was trying to push you away you should have paused dancing, looked into her eyes and gently pulled her in as if you were challenging her state. She would have melted instantly.

I was trying to figure out if I should try to kiss her first or have a reason for us to continue hanging out and come back to my place. I went for the reason. She said not tonight and then mentioned not owing me anything since she invited me out. I wasn’t sure on the best way to respond to this, tho sarcasm would probably have been the best. I couldn’t find a opertunity to go for the kiss or maybe chickened out, I didn’t want to chance messin up what was going otherwise so well since she was being really hard to read but I did make a competition with her with the dance video game that I have, since she spent a lot of time studying dance. I created a bet with her that the loser takes the winner out to the most creative and different place that they know. Figure win win situation and she was totally for it!

Your approach to keep it safe is what screwed it up. This is exactly why I teach you the mindset of being sexual. Do not hesitate to lose a woman and do not be afraid to walk away. You will be surprised, on numerous occasions, it is your ability to walk away that will draw women to you.
When you try to play safe and do things that will not offend her, you are not being real. Women can sense this insecurity. Even if they did not see it at first, think how this relationship will turn out down the road.

You are trying to win a woman by becoming someone you are not. How can this be healthy? And why be with a woman who can’t accept you for who you are.

There is no shame in being a man! There is no shame in desiring a woman! And there is no shame in getting sexual with a woman you are attracted to!

You do not have to look for the opportunity to go for the kiss. The minute you execute 2-3 level two touches you can go for the kiss. If nothing else, you can always use the technique, “Have you ever kicked a man in the nuts?” from the T.E.A.S.E. model to initiate the kiss. It works like a charm and you are kissing this woman in no time.

Now she is coming to my party along with this other girl XXX who is chinese and cute but after the last time we hung out I seem to be more in the friend zone with her. I should have used more kino with her, she texts me randomly all the time but more just to talk then anything else. (kinda glad another girl that I’m talking to can’t make it).

I am glad you have figured out your mistakes on your own. This is the best thing you can do to improve. Next time you find yourself in similar situation, you will know exactly what to do and what mistakes to avoid.

So XXX (the megan fox girl) did tell me she had gotten out of a really really bad relationship and needs space. She started to open up and give me some details.

You should have used that opportunity. You should have shared similar stories to bond and initiated the kiss as well. Remember I taught you in the workshop how to use these vulnerable talks and moments. There is a reason I discuss all of this: it happens all the time!

Learning to steer such situations and moments your way is what gets you success.

Any insight on how I should proceed with this girl? She is super cool and fun, and did I mention she looks like Megan Fox! She’s only a 9.5 because she smokes…


Yeah I think if anything I noticed she looks like Megan Fuckin Fox

Since he is part of my 1 on 1 he gets regular phone coaching with me. Over the phone I told him that he still has not lost the woman. What he needs to do is to shake her reality and lead her into his world. I gave him few lines and pointers to say so she opens up to get sexual with him.

He sent me another email this morning. I will save you the torture of reading the whole email again but here is the key part:
When XXX first got there, she said she was only going to stay for a little while then meet up with some friends. She ended up staying past the party and we hung out till almost 5 in the morning. At one point I told her ” I’m not trying to talk you in or out of anything, and I don’t have any expectations, but life is short and we might have a chance for something special so I just want to see how things go”…we did end up making out!

Yes they finally got sexual. Even though they did not have sex you can tell that she would not have stayed till 5am in the morning if she did not want to have sex. I will be asking him for more details so I know what exactly happened. But if I were to guess he did not push it hard enough because he is too attracted to this woman.

But I am not worried. He has made tremendous progress in past 6 months. He has had multiple lays in this short time.

Sleeping with 9′s and 10′s is his next level of challenge and soon he will conquer that hurdle as well.

Besides, he has another 6 months of training and group workshop with me which will get him past his final hurdles.

Remember guys no matter how hot the woman is she is still human. Don’t idealize them. Be persistent and be in control. This is the only way to win women. Look at this example: the same woman who did not let him touch the other night made out with him today. The same woman who said she would leave shortly stayed with him till 5am past everyone.

Yes women want sex and relationship just like you do. But us, men, have to lead women to make it happen.

This letter should also tell you that flashy lines or routines are not what get you women. It is learning the right calibration and timing that smoothens the seduction. This is exactly what brings so much and such fast success to my clients.


Read the rules of calibration in Social Mastery Book. The book now comes with 6 hours of T.E.A.S.E. videos. Better yet sign up for an upcoming workshop and let me help you build the mindset and habits that will bring you constant success with women. Send me an email right now so we can set up a phone call to discuss how you can benefit from taking a workshop with me.

Until next time!

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