Almost every second student I coach ends up asking about good places to meet beautiful women. There is no one word answer. It all depends on the kind of women you find attractive. But here are three places you will always find women:

  1. Shopping Malls: I have never been to a shopping mall and not run into single beautiful women shopping for clothes or accessories. Women who work at malls are usually very pretty as well. And yes it is possible to meet and date women who work at the mall.
  2. Dance and Yoga Lessons: If you are looking for tall and skinny women with no males to compete, try dance classes.  Hip Hop classes are my favorite. Almost every actor, musician and dancer will be there. Many women who are image conscious and wants to be in good shape go to yoga classes. Not sure why but I have found the most beautiful and bit promiscuous women at Thai Chi classes.
  3. Beaches: No matter what time and day of the week you go, there are always incredibly beautiful women at the beach. I have also found the women at beaches to be the friendliest of all. Don’t forget to visit the stores and restaurants by the board walk. Women who work there are drop dead gorgeous. My favorite is the Venice beach in CA. I especially love summer weekends when there are hundreds of people and concerts on every block.
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