Intelligent men have a huge flaw that deprives them love of a good woman…

They Are Damn Too Intelligent For Their Own Good!

Intelligent men do several things incorrect to attract women they desire.

In most cases they cannot get past becoming friends with women they like.

Generally they date women when women make the first move. These women aren’t necessarily the one they want to date but they settle.

I know this because I have made these EXACT mistakes…

Intelligent men fail to understand why high quality women CAN’T RECOGNIZE how perfect they are and how good of a couple they would make together.

They start blaming receding hairline, height, social status, looks or conversation skills for lack of quality women in their life.

They begin to think that they will have better chances with quality women if they can flash a better body, expensive house or a fancy car.

They start going to the gym, buy new clothes and expensive cars but hardly see any improvement.

Now they get frustrated, hurt and demotivated. 

They get convinced that they are incapable of dating women being themselves.

They start taking help of professional matchmakers and start reading books on pickup.

They begin to think that maybe pickup lines and phony attitude is the way to attract high quality women.

When this fails…

They stop trying to date women and start focusing on other areas of life to avoid the pain and misery of being single.

Let me tell you…

You Can Control Your Dating Life…

I may not know you personally and I do not care how challenging your circumstances are:

But I promise that there is not a single man on this planet, including yourself, that cannot succeed with women if he takes the right steps.

I have yet to meet a man who is incapable of transformation and I will stop teaching the day you show me a man that cannot succeed with women if they make the appropriate modifications in their approach.

If you are struggling with your dating life, chances are that you are doing something wrong.

Spend some time to discover what it is and fix it.

Or come to one of our workshops and let us help you succeed with women.

It Is Easy To Overcome This Limitation And Start Dating Women Of Your Choice!

By taking just a few simple steps in your life, it’s possible to not only get “noticed” by your dream woman… but to make her feel ATTRACTION for you more QUICKLY AND EASILY than you ever thought.

Here are 3 things that can INSTANTLY increase your odds of dating high quality women.


1. Pay More Attention To Application Of Non-Verbal Elements:

Thinking “What To Say To Women” hurts your chances with women.

Most of us have the habit of making purpose driven conversation.

We take the same attitude when we meet women.

We think women will walk away if we don’t make meaningful or stimulating conversation.

This puts pressure on us and we start to find ourselves at a loss of words when in the company of beautiful women.

When we can’t come up with something we start taking shelter in pickup lines or routines.


Women feel attraction for men due to personality, charisma and sexual presence.

Attraction has very little to do with the quality of content.

The ONLY purpose of conversation is to provide opportunity for men and women to use non-verbal elements and generate attraction.

Next time you meet a woman stick to basic questions.

Instead of focusing your energy on conversation topics try to use non-verbal elements to convey that you MIGHT be interested in her.

It is this POSSIBILTY OF ATTRACTION that makes a woman fall for you.

When a woman is unsure about your intention she flirts back to find out how you feel about her.

The more she tries to get the answer the more flirtatious she acts and the more she feels attraction for you.

At this point women become a victim of their own game and the end result is UNCONTROLLABLE ATTRACTION for you!

This Is Probably The Easiest Element To Incorporate In Your Game.

Read Social Mastery Book and Watch T.E.A.S.E. videos to understand how non-verbal’s generate attraction and how you can use them to your advantage.

2. Expand Your Horizon:

Intelligent men often operate within narrow bounds.

Intelligent men avoid flirting with women unless these women match the archetype of the woman they desire.


You should approach and flirt with all type of women.

When you get into the habit of flirting with every woman you meet, flirting becomes second nature.

You start flirting with women on autopilot without making a conscious effort.

This helps you on two fronts:

When you flirt with random women you catch the attention of women in the vicinity. These women see you as a sexual man and start competing for your attention.

And MORE IMPORTANTLY when flirting becomes your nature you do not feel pressured to flirt with the woman you truly like.

Flirting becomes effortless and you are able to seduce women without stepping out of your comfort zone.

3. Kill Your Pride

One of the biggest limitations that prevent intelligent men from succeeding with women is their pride.

Intelligent men know their worth. This makes them proud.

Feeling proud is good but like any habit or addiction, it is unhealthy if it prevents you from living your life.

Your pride becomes unhealthy when it prevents you from making an effort to romance with the woman of your dreams.

Intelligent men would rather spend every night at home by themselves than go out and make an effort to meet people.

They feel uncomfortable and less about themselves if they have to make an effort to meet people.

They cannot understand why they have to approach women despite their accomplishment and self-worth.

They are absolutely not comfortable with a woman rejecting them.

Let me promise you something…

You will never get rejected once you reach a certain level. Sure you may not be able to date and sleep with every woman you meet but if you implement my teaching I GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL REACH A LEVEL WHERE EVERY WOMAN WILL AT LEAST BE FRIENDLY TO YOU.

This will happen not because I will turn you into a walking ELVIS PRESLEY!

No nothing crazy like this…

Women will talk to you because you will come across as NORMAL, CONGRUENT, CONFIDENT And A Cool Man that every woman desires to date.

But to reach this place you will have to kill your pride.

You will need to stop practicing Pickup and start focusing on developing presence.

You will need to start approaching all types of women and practice flirting with them.

You will have to follow my directions and implement my teachings.

You do this and I guarantee nothing will stop you from succeeding.

Listen mate intelligence is like science; it can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you use it.


Get past the bad habits that prevent you from succeeding with women.

Swallow your pride and move forward.

Identify thoughts, habits and behavior that are slowing you down.

Come to a workshop. Let us identify your strengths and eliminate weaknesses that are preventing you from dating good quality women. Let us show you how to attract the woman of your dreams while making few tweaks to your current self.


Watch T.E.A.S.E. videos and start implementing non-verbal elements in your game.

You do this and I promise you will be dating a beautiful woman of your choice by Valentine’s Day!

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year In Advance!

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