What I am about to tell you is like the Da Vinci Code of modern times.

I am writing this newsletter to reveal the mystery of why men are failing with women in today’s society.

It will also reveal many reasons why men and women have become incompatible in being able to sustain lasting relationships.

This is the most IMPORTANT, LIFE ALTERING piece of INFORMATION you will EVER READ, so be sure to read EVERY WORD, as there are LOTS of twist in this one.

A word of caution…this letter travels through some dark alleys and may appear politically insensitive in nature.

So, here it goes:

1.    Have you ever wondered what is it about Bad Boys and abusive men that women find so attractive?

2.   Have you ever wondered why inmates on death row get marriage proposal by the dozens each day from women all around the world?

A high school classmate of mine was telling me that his cousin met and married an inmate while he was on death row in Texas AND had become his widow.


AND, we all know this is NOT uncommon!

Is it surprising that Scott Peterson–the man who killed his pregnant wife and dumped her body in the San Francisco bay–gets DOZENS of marriage proposals each day?!?

This is mind-boggling!

Why would ANY woman choose to do this?

What could be the attraction to marry slimeballs like this??

What is it that makes women loose their sanity and chase a man who is lethal, dangerous, AND about to die on death row?

It is definitely not survival nor a need for companionship. AND, most men on death row have no money, so clearly it is not their interest in wealth either.

So, why would a woman CHOOSE to marry a convicted killer?  Why would she choose someone who is about to die, rather than select a “NORMAL” man?

And, why is it that SUCCESSFUL men—and, yes, I said “SUCCESSFUL” as in stable, wealthy, employed, educated men–are struggling to date quality women?

Why are the majority of marriages among professionals FAILING and ending in DIVORCE?

This makes no FUCKING SENSE!!  From the outside, it would appear that these “successful” relationships have EVERYTHING they need!  Everything they need as a couple to live a long and healthy life together.

This may be true on the surface, UNTIL you begin to explore the topic I’m writing about today.

The answer to this INSANITY lies in the SEXIST NATURE OF ROMANCE.  It is this inherent nature that drives women to chase the rich and the powerful, the bad boys, jerks, and celebrities, while also being drawn to the abuse and manipulation that often accompanies these men.

Women want to mate/procreate with men who are either at par or superior in socio-economic and intellectual attainment.

Let’s think about that for a moment.

Women want to mate/procreate with men who are either at par or superior in socio-economic and intellectual attainment.

The current evolution has brought massive change in social dynamics. This evolution has, to a large extent, removed sexual tension between the two sexes and hence helps explain the chaos we are experiencing in our love lives.

The Evolution Of Women And Its Consequences


Let’s look back a few decades.  In the 1950’s & 1960’s, hardly 20-30% of women made up a class in medical school or law school. BUT, today, in 2012, two thirds of the population in these schools are now women.

Women now make up 57% of university entrants, and they outnumber men in every subject — including math and engineering.

This is HUGE and it is happening at every level.  And, while this is a terrific advance for women, equal rights, etc. the impact this is having on love and relationships is staggering.

Let’s think about the consequences.

In the past, a man with a job or a college degree was impressive to women.

These men stood out.  They were considered valuable to women because they had something women did not have.  Degree envy.

It was easy to impress women a few decades ago with very little.  And that’s not to belittle the accomplishment of a college degree, but simply to draw attention to the basic attractive quality of a career minded male.

But things have changed.

Women now make up the majority of the work force in the western world AND are often more educated than men.

The consequences of joining the work force has afforded women to take on more “masculine” qualities.  Women are more dominant, confident, career minded, and financially stable.

The rising self-confidence in women due to their higher education is making women desire men with even higher status.

A recent study shows that if a man’s IQ rises by 16 points, his chances of marrying increase by 35 per cent; if a woman’s IQ rises by 16 points, her chances of getting hitched decline by the same amount.

Wow.  Why is this the case?

This is alarming to me when it comes to relationships. BUT this is also good news.

If these numbers are true, which they are, then we can safely conclude that women still like to be lead in relationships. They still follow the idea of male domination within the confines of a relationship.

The Feminization Of Men


Does this sound strange?  Well, this is the cold hard truth.

Men, on the contrary, have stopped being men!

They have softened and become too sensitive to social themes and messages.

Where once men used to take pride in chasing after and winning a woman, they now consider it needy and creepy.

Where once men used to boast being egoist and strong, they now relish in being sensitive and thoughtful.

Men today do as they are told.  Few men are leaders.  Most men are followers.

Today’s man is focused on demonstrating that they are thoughtful and respectful of women.

They operate within the parameters set by the feminist movement to not step on the toes of women.

Where once men used to idealize Frank Sinatra, James Bond, and John Wayne men NOW indulge in Zac Braff, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt and the likes.

This behavior has killed the Indiana Jones in men.

We are now afraid to take risks, to go on adventures, or to get roughed up.

Men today have become too sophisticated. And while today’s man has the tools and lifestyle of 007, most men lack the will and attitude to act that way!

No wonder women are missing men that stir feminine emotions deep inside.  And if that masculine man isn’t within reach, he just might be behind the prison wall someplace.

The Impact Of Social Evolution In The Dating Scene And What It Means For You!

As a result of this social change, women are looking for more aggressive and dominant men.

They are looking for superior traits, behavior, and mannerisms in men.

Men on the other side are becoming more thoughtful, reserved, and self-contained.

Instead of acting dominant, men are trying to cover the gap and act as an equal around women.

Redefining masculinity in a more feminine way or redefining femininity in a more masculine way are ultimately unsatisfying trends.

True, these similarities make getting along as friends much easier, butthe true spark of love, lust, romance, and passion is born from the differences!

This should explain why women often prefer to be friends with men.

As a result of our “sensitive” behavior, many men are failing to provide the sexual tension in their interactions with women.

Women are missing the challenges they seek in a man, and these challenges are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to turn women on.

All because we have adopted the mindset, behaviors, and mannerisms that are NOT masculine and thus eliminate sexual tension.

Let me ask you…

  • When was the last time you made eye contact with a woman and kept looking until she broke the eye contact first?
  • And did you continue to look at her well past that moment?
  • When was the last time you made eye contact with a woman and instantly scanned her from head to toe while she noticed you doing it?
  • When was the list time you said boldly to a woman that she is the kind of woman you want to be with?
  • When was the last time you were teasing a woman instead of feeling self-conscious around her?
  • When was the last time your eyes communicated to a woman that you were meant to be together?
  • When was the last time you looked at a woman with mischief in your eyes?

Do you see the trend?

We as men have stopped acting in ways that are masculine. We have stopped presenting ourselves as hunters who desire beautiful women.

Women feel too safe and comfortable around us. They do not see a superior man who will take her home and passionately ravish her body.

It’s no wonder women do not feel sexually charged in our presence.

The Only Way To Succeed With Women Is By Displaying Your Male Superiority.


This does not mean you have to flaunt money or muscles.  This does not mean you have to be an asshole or a “bad boy”.

All you have to do is adopt behavior, mannerisms, expressions, and an attitude that conveys male superiority to women. These behaviors are unique to each individual, and you need to find the angle that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Women will lose control and not be able to hold back when they see “GENUINE MASCULINITY” in you. Masculine men are rare in present time. They are almost an endangered species and this makes it URGENT for women to act when they see one.

Every time Magic and I go out we have women come and approach US. I am the same guy who was struggling to get a date with women for a very long time.

What brought this change?

When I met Magic…

The first thing he did was make changes to my fashion, attitude, and mannerisms.

These tiny little adjustments brought about major positive changes in my interactions with women.  They brought out the masculine guy who was hiding deep inside of me.  I was the same person, but I needed to learn the skills essential to become the man I needed to be.

In my professional life, I was still wearing business suits but something inside me had changed. And from this slight change, for the first time in my life, women were opening me up and flirting back. My love life and sex life took off like a rocket. And all of this because I had finally learned to be a sexual man.

Our coaching works!

There is a reason why so many of our clients succeed. When I meet a client, the first things I take note of are the mannerisms and behavior that are killing attraction.

I spend the entire second day fixing and adjusting these behaviors to start getting positive results.

Relationships are not difficult! Meeting and dating attractive women is easy, for this simple reason:  Women desire men who desire women.  Desire is attraction combined with intention.

All you have to do is become the man that makes women feel feminine in your presence. All you have to do is adopt behavior and mannerisms that turn women on…and you will be good to go.

  • Do you want to build a personality and lifestyle that will create attraction in women?
  • Do you honestly want a long-term relationship with a woman that may lead to marriage?  If so, do you want to learn the skills essential to enjoy long lasting relationships?

If you answered “yes” then come and do a workshop with me and let me help you master the mannerisms and behaviors that work for your lifestyle. Let me help you develop your masculine side so you can become irresistible to women.

Send an email to Magic to schedule a free phone session. He can explain what goes on in our workshops and to help decide if we’re a good fit.

And in the meantime, do the exercises in the first half of Social Mastery Book. This book lists the set of traits, behaviors, and mannerisms that turn women on. It teaches you how to become masculine so that women feel sexually charged around you.

THEN watch the T.E.A.S.E videos and see these behaviors and mannerisms in action!

This information ALONE will make a huge difference in your life–both with women and with your career.

Talk to you soon!

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