Few weeks back I had a phone consult with a client. Obviously he was having trouble with women. He told me it had been a while since he had a woman. I started by asking him a few questions which I do on all my calls. Within a minute I recognized what was going on.

Talking to him I could tell he was very normal and in tune. I could tell he was very insightful and socially in tune – except he was a little too much of a thinker and caretaker.

I discussed this with him and he agreed.

In his case he is someone who likes to be proper all the time. He is someone who wants to respect everyone’s boundaries. He would never want anyone to get upset or face inconvenience on his behalf.

Because of his thinking he does not like to risk upsetting women by approaching them at an inopportune time or in an improper fashion. In his mind he would have caused women inconvenience if he finds upon approaching that they do not want to speak to him.

He does not feel motivated to take any action because he has taken two workshops in the past and has still not gotten past the approach anxiety. 

In his mind there is something wrong with him that he cannot get results despite taking workshops with two very popular companies.

Let me address these issues one at a time.

First of all every woman on this planet wants to be approached.

There is no inopportune time to approach a woman. Stop worrying about how a woman would feel when you approach her. It is not your problem. You are not doing anything wrong but merely complementing her by letting her know that she is desirable.

Don’t think you are invading her space or encroaching her privacy. If a woman does not want to talk to you she will let you know.

It is not your responsibility to guard her space and privacy. You are not incharge to ensure she is feeling happy and comfortable. Women are capable of taking care of self. If they need someone to care for them they will call their dad.

You are a man so do what men do. Do what is expected of men: Be a man.

Men are attracted to women. Men desire the company of beautiful women. When you spot a woman you like, do what you are supposed to do: approach and make her yours.

The only thing you do by approaching a woman is pay her a compliment. Your approach is a sign that she is desirable.

Who does not want to be desired? Don’t you? What if a fat ugly woman approaches you and says she wants to give you a blow job? Would you be flattered a woman found you desirable or would you be offended that she is not good looking?

No matter who you are no matter how insecure or limited you feel about self by approaching a woman you are paying her a compliment. So no need to hesitate. Would you ever hesitate to make a child smile? Would you ever hesitate to volunteer your services to help mankind? Then why would you hesitate and deprive a woman from an opportunity to feel good about herself?

Women want to be approached and they prefer it to happen the right way.

Instead of spending energy on why women would not appreciate your approach think how you can become someone that women want to be approached by. Work to transform yourself into a guy women desire all the time and you will never be in bed alone. Cultivate the traits desirable to women and you will be dating beautiful women in no time at all.

NO – you don’t have to be rich or good looking. You do not have to do anything to impress them. There is no need to demonstrate high value. There is something else that turns women on.

I approach women wearing shoes with holes in them and missing soles. My jeans are all torned at the bottom.

Here is a picture of what I wear when I go out to approach women during our workshops: Image Link

I even tell women as part of my interaction that I am broke. I recently did a set in Chicago where the woman replied every musician is broke. I replied honey you don’t understand. I am more than the homeless guy on the street. She loved it.

Read the Social Mastery book. I have put a list of these inside the book for you to use.

The second part was this guy losing motivation and developing self doubt unfortunately comes from the poor training he received. What he went through is not uncommon. I have trained many students who have taken multiple workshops in the past with no success.

In fact I once trained a client who had taken 9 workshops before he found me. As a result of taking those workshops he had become way too socially awkward and was getting no results. I trained him and within three days he had his first one night stand.

Look man it is unfortunate that this happens. It is unfortunate that there are companies who do not know what the hell they are doing but don’t let that bother you. Don’t stop taking action or you will never go anywhere.

You only get to live once and you cannot die without accomplishing everything you desire.

If you are serious to make a change and fix this area of your life take a chance and sign up for my workshop. See what my coaching can do for you. There will be no bullshit or gamey stuff straight and simple results.

I won’t teach you anything that is fake because it’s counterproductive.

Look guys I have done this over and over for a while now. I have testimonies after testimonies. But all of that does not matter. The only thing that matters is can this happen for you?

My answer is yes, 100% percent, it can happen for you. That’s why all of my bootcamps have a 100% money back guarantee.

If you sign up for a workshop and do everything I ask you to do – NOTHING will stop you from succeeding.

Give me a call if you want to discuss your situation before signing up or just go to my website and sign up here.

Come to my bootcamp and let me be responsible for get you success with women.

Talk to you soon!

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