There is nothing wrong in becoming a challenge, using sarcasm and acting alpha but it is not going to get you a woman.

In order to succeed with women you need to learn to use conversation to generate emotions and feelings in a woman you like.

You need to cultivate behavior and presence that makes a woman want you as her man.

A Woman do not care about alpha males or leader of men etc.

All she cares about is how she feels and the emotions she experiences around a man.

You Can Control Your Dating Life But You Must Unlearn What You Have Learnt!

You Can Make Women Experience Uncontrollable Attraction For You!

You Can Keep Them Interested For A Long Time When In A Relationship!

You Can Live The Relationship You Desire!

And You Can Do All Of This Without Trying Too Hard Or Getting Hurt!

What I Am Suggesting Is That You Can Control Your Dating Life! And you can do it by making small calibrations. You do not need to become an extreme personality.

Here is a review from one of my client that I want you to read:

Hey Magic,

I have been doing good and i think this look might work for me. I am growing my hair and beard and would send u pictures soon. I wanna come for my second session during the independence day long weekend in july. I made love with a girl this weekend who was my friend from long time , with my new look and aggressiveness i think i was able to come out the safe guy mode. Looking forward to our second session and would be working on the stuff you taught me.

Here is the screenshot for his email: Screenshot

When he first came to me his dating life was in shambles.

He was having hard time connecting with women. Women were becoming friends with him, were hanging out with him but were not sleeping with him.

Like most men he was convinced that he cannot date attractive women unless he becomes “ALPHA”.

When he came to the workshop he had the urge to learn lines and behavior that will make him ALPHA to women.

I explained to him that you dominate women  with your sexual presence and mutual connection, not with your aggression.

I worked with him and tweaked his style of interaction. This allowed him to generate man-woman dynamics and ultimately get the woman.

I helped him understand that the missing link in his case was his inability to be sexually assertive in the RIGHT WAY.

He was able to turn the tables with women once he discovered the missing link and what to do different.

He found the love of his life within a year of training and is now married to her.

Lifestyle Is The key To Succeeding And Holding On To Women In The Long Run

Most men falsely assume they have to be ALPHA and AGGRESSIVE to get attractive women.

You do not have to make the same mistake.

If you want to succeed with women then you need to make changes to your personality, attitude and lifestyle.

If you want to develop choices with women, which I swear to God is possible, then you need to become the man who can NATURALLY connect with women at any given moment.

Instead of relying on techniques you will need to make tweaks and master the art of interaction that is effective around women.

The best part is that it is easy to learn this skill set and make it yours.

Download Flirting Manual and learn the right way to flirt with women and turn them on. This course will teach you THE RIGHT WAY to interact with women. It will teach you how to be funny and sexually assertive in a manner that works on attractive women.

This course will give you every tool you need to become a man who can NATURALLY establish STRONG CONNECTION with attractive women no matter how attractive they are and no matter where you meet them.

You can get The Flirting Manual here:


Come to a workshop!

Let me show you how you can become a “NATURAL” with women. Let me give you the insights needed to get women. Let me work with you in person and teach you the drills that will be most effective for you.

By the time you are done with a workshop you will know exactly what you need to do different to start getting immediate results with with women.

You can find out more about live training here:

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