The Girl I Really Like Has Me So Confused, Help!

Should I Ask This Girl Out Again?

I’m Not Sure If She Likes Me?

I’ve been on two very successful dates with this girl. I asked her out last weekend but she was working so I asked for the following week and she said “I will have to let you know.” I have no reason to believe she doesn’t want go on a third date (as things were going so well) but I get the feeling she’s trying to imply that she’s not interested anymore. Should I ask her out again?

Figuring out what attractive women are REALLY looking for can be frustrating. Like an unsolvable puzzle.

It took me a long time to discover the crucial elements of the female mind that trigger strong attractions. I am not talking about the I like this guy attraction – I am talking about the attraction where she feels she cannot live without you. I am talking about attraction that drives women crazy. The kind of attraction that makes them text you constantly, get dressed up, and make up excuses to be with you as often as they can.

Once I understood what I needed to do differently – BAM! I started getting the women I desired.

Everything you need to know is in this short video –

A couple years back I met a woman who was sending me very mixed messages. When I first took her out I ordered a beer and she quickly commented that men who drink beer are unattractive. I could tell that she was expecting me to make an excuse or order something else.

Beautiful women are used to men bending over backwards for them. And they lose attraction the minute they realize they have power over you.

I knew that I would look insecure if I started to defend my choice of beverage so I ignored her comment. When she suggested a dish from the menu I teased that I was a bit skeptical over her choice of food. I then proceeded to ask our server for a recommendation.

I could tell she hated my guts for not following her suggestion. I could tell she was not used to it – beautiful women rarely are! But I wanted her to know that I was a man who commands control. If we proceed, we do so on my terms.

No woman is worth your pride and self esteem!

Do not mis-understand … I did all of this while complimenting her and making strong eye contact. I made it clear that I was in control but I really wanted her all the same.

I could tell she was frustrated! She was aroused by my flirting but also felt powerless and out of control. She started to feel like she wanted me but didn’t have me yet. (Yet is the keyword here. The woman should know that she can have you if she tries harder).

This is when she stopped playing games and submitted. Three hours later, I took this photo of her in my bed:

girl_in_bedNot only did she give in that day but my behavior became so addicting that she wanted me long after we started seeing other people.

She sent me this email after she moved away:

Sorry if I didn’t write you back earlier – I’m in a little village in south France with my parents and it’s not easy to find an internet connection.

I hate you too!

I visited the french guy from San Franciso while I was in Paris. We tried again at a relationship but I couldn’t make love with him because you were in my mind. You are so Sexy physically and intellectually!

Once I settle in Egypt I hope we will have the opportunity to talk (I miss your beautiful accent and your sweet face).


Bottom line is that you won’t win a women by pursuing or courting them. You will win them by taking control. This was just one example of many, you need to be prepared for different frames of mind as well.

If you want to become good with women you will need to understand how women think and what you can do to inspire DEEP – GUT LEVEL – UNCONTROLLABLE attraction for you.

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