Other day a student of mine sent me this email:

Dear Magic

Hi how are you?

If you remember one time at the club when we first went there you opened with a girl and did some kino and she was instantly attracted to you. Now I know you did demonstrate to us the proper way of doing kino, but what you did in the club was so amazing that I am compelled to ask what and how exactly did you do it?

The reason I am asking is because I want to duplicate your results i.e get instant sexual attraction.

Please guide me.

Best regards

I must congratulate that he is on to something! He recognized that my kino (the way I touch women) generated instant attraction.

This is something I ask all my clients to apply—strong and early kino.

By touching women early on you demonstrate sexual comfort. You demonstrate that you are sexual and that you have been with other women. You demonstrate that you understand the rules of dating. Above all you make them feel feminine in your company.

The outcome is instant sexual attraction.

shutterstock_391662835Women enjoy touching when it is done right.Women enjoy touching when it is done right.

I touch every woman I talk to and make my clients do the same in the workshop.

Women never object. In fact the other day I touched a woman’s belly, complimented her that it was very soft and then asked my client to touch her soft belly. She loved it!

Learn the right way of touching women and Instantly turn them on. If you are a beginner this probably sounds too good to be true. I don’t blame you, I started the same way.
Watch Disc 5 and 6 from the T.E.A.S.E video series.

In this video series you will see me demonstrate the right and extremely sexual way to touch women. You will see the woman in video melt and get turned on by my touching.

In these videos I demonstrate the art of touching women on a female model that I did not know from before. You will hear her unbiased views. Not only that you will witness first hand how her body pleasantly reacts to my touching.This is despite her being aware that my goal is to turn her on with my touching.

T.E.A.S.E video has some powerful information that will change the way you make a woman feel in your company. You will finally have the tool kit to seduce women without them knowing what you are up to. By the time they realize they will be turned beyond point of no return and having wild sex with you in bed.

Touching women sexually and especially during the early stages of conversation needs confidence.

I highly recommend doing the exercises at the end of first three chapters from the “Social Mastery Book“. These exercises are designed to help you develop sexual confident needed to attract women.

You will melt high quality women and make them feel attraction for you within minutes of approaching them once you work on your confidence and apply my kino techniques as suggested in the Social Mastery Home Study Course.

I Guarantee That!

Look guys we at Attraction Methods are very result oriented. This is what stands us out from all our competitors.

No other company in the world has gotten success to their clients like we have.

No other company in the world has success stories on their website like we do. Go ahead and read them on our reviews page.

I do not say this to brag but to help you understand that I wouldn’t ask you to do something unless I know it will bring you results. Getting you results helps me get good reviews which leads to more business and that’s the way it should be.

So don’t waste your time and take action. Everything I said here has brought results to me and my clients.

And don’t forget to send me an email at info@attractionmethod.com when you succeed at seducing a beautiful and high quality woman using my kino techniques.

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