Do you feel that the dating process does not feel natural to you?

I recently got an email from a guy describing his struggles with meeting and dating women.

I must admit that your stuff rules. I’ve been looking and listening to many alternative videos and coaches, but you rock. I am not telling you this because you seems to understand the psychology behind the game and this is amazing for me.

Anyways I have one problem that I’ve been struggling with myself for quite sometime now. Don’t wanna go into details on how, why, what etc. but in general I think I have HUGE problem with engaging with women that I meet on the street or in the bar. I have no problem at all, to talk to any women as long as we are in the same company even tough we do not know each other, but when I get to the point where there is no connection at all, I simply cannot engage in a conversation. I cannot even approach any women.

So I’ve been trying to get over this for a month or so and believe me I don’t have any success. I’ve been through your videos for the approach anxiety, although seemingly logical I still cannot brake myself. Would you direct me somehow ?

Watch This Video Then Read The Text

martin2What you read is the email a client sent me 2 weeks after his workshop.

When I first met him he was in a similar space.

He was very uncomfortable approaching women and establishing connection with them.

The first night of the workshop he was hesitating to approach women. He had similar excuse as every other man: I am afraid and I do not know what to say.

He would approach women, have casual conversation and leave.

He was happy for not getting rejected and cared less to get a woman, which obviously was his ultimate goal.

This is not uncommon. I witness this workshop after workshop men operating with massive discomfort.

During the workshop I discovered that he had two main problems keeping him from having great connections with women:

1. He was not comfortable with the idea of getting rejected by a woman in public.

2. He wanted a love relationship and didn’t understand why he had to go through the process of FAST SEDUCTION.

Upon further investigation it became obvious that he was told in the past to approach women and flirt with them until he finds a woman who’ll date him.

Though partially true, you need to take action or nothing will change, there is a big MISSING PIECE of information in this advice.

This missing piece is what made him feel UNNATURAL about his interactions with women.

It is this missing piece that kept him from getting results with women and ultimately convinced him that he is not good enough to meet and date women.

shutterstock_100645885In order to succeed with women you absolutely MUST have what I call a “STRATEGIC HOOK”.

Strategic hook is an angle that is unique to you. It separates you from other men and possesses ULTIMATE POWER to fascinate a woman.

Strategic hook produces the smooth flow in your interaction with women.

For a musician “Music” could be the angle he uses to start interaction with women and generate massive attraction.

For a businessman it could be something about his business, his entrepreneurship, risk taking or adventurous side.

For a writer it could be his emotional view of the world and so on.

Strategic Hook is the force that drives you to take action in your everyday life. It could be anything including your emotions, dreams, accomplishments, status, possession, and physical trait.

Basically your Strategic Hook is the force that drives you to take action in your everyday life. It could be anything including your emotions, dreams, accomplishments, status, possession, and physical trait.

Once you find out the “Strategic Hook” that identifies you, it becomes super easy to build your approach, conversation and flirting around it.

During the workshop I helped this client identify his hook and taught him how to execute it.

shutterstock_125691914I explained him that whether he wants quick sex or gratifying relationship the initial steps of attraction are the same.

Men who are average with women work hard to generate attraction by going on multiple dates.

Men who are ultimate with women generate strong attraction in their first meeting and then choose whether they want INSTANT SEX or courtship before sex.

Once he developed the unique angle he felt comfortable interacting with women because now he did not feel shallow about his approach.

He felt he had something to offer to women that they would find interesting and will be willing to invest in.

He felt he was something and someone that women will love to be with.

He was able to hook women instantly and build attraction using his hook. He almost took a woman home from our workshop.

And now two weeks later he has already experienced 2 one night stands.

If you feel “UNNATURAL/UNCOMFORTABLE” to approach women and flirt – chances are you feel SHALLOW and EMPTY about what you have to offer to women.

Do the writing exercises in the first quarter of Social Mastery Book and discover the hook that defines you.

Then build a strategy to initiate conversation and flirting around this hook and you will fly with women.

You can find out more about Social Mastery Course here: Attraction Bible

Or come to workshop.

Let me identify that obstacle which is keeping you from getting success with women and let me help you find the solution that will bring you NATURAL SUCCESS with women.

All you have to do is sign up for the workshop and leave the rest to me. it then becomes my problem to get you success no matter what it takes! I have made it happen for thousands of men and I assure you that I will make it happen for you!

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Your Friend!

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