Multiple One Night Stands And Girlfriend Since Workshop

Jim's Story



These pics aren’t a representation of my entire wardrobe, but these

are some of the styles I typically rock when I wear the boots. I got

them at Rage Stock for $20 pre-distressed. 🙂 They really do work with

anything for me and fit my personality like you said. The other day, I

was rocking the boot at the beach with a tee shirt and long swim

trunks. I know, it sounds funny, but it worked for me. Travis agreed.

Still trying to get my walk down with the boots. It’s coming along

though. I’ve been getting much more attention in the field, and it’s

funny how a lot of the women I get turned on use the word masculine to

describe me since I started wearing these boots. “You’re so masculine,

and I love it.” Etc. They do give me a definite “edge.”

Post Boot Camp:

Since I took your boot camp, I’ve been getting a lot of SNLs. About 20-25% of the time I would go out (They’re not all 10s but I am getting laid).

That is until I found my current girlfriend. Speaking of which, I’m trying to decide if I should settle down with her. She is smart, beautiful, and family oriented.

Everything I want in a woman, but with my new found skill set, I feel as though I’m giving up A LOT of opportunities. I was wondering how you know you’re ready to get married? (I remember you said you were.) Just curious.


Next week, I’ll be moving to Fort Lauderdale, FL for Medical School.

So, if you are in the area, feel free to hit me up. You’ll be more than welcome to stay at my place. Also, in a year from now, I’ll be fully trained to do manipulations, which is similar to a chiropractic adjustment. If your back is still bothering you, I could have a look at it if you like, pro bono.



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