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I recently signed up for some 1-on-1 coaching with Magic, due to my feel for some more individual attention when it comes to coaching, and the fact that his coaching is far less expensive than any bootcamp out there.

So far, I’ve learned so much from Magic that it’d take me pages and pages to describe it all, so I’m only going to mention two key things which he helped me get over. The one thing I’ve always wanted help with was College Game, which I was suffering in due to some limiting beliefs, and the other as Magic had pointed out was my kino wasn’t quite up to par, as a result of once again some crucial limiting beliefs.

Only after, have I realized how strong these limiting beliefs were holding me back, and how powerful it was to break through them. And the results which followed from breaking past those beliefs. If anyone read my last FR about taking 5 Swedish girls out at the same time, That was a result of taking a different look at how I work my Game at college. Along with the recent D2 I set up for this weekend, all this has been a result of a completely different outlook when it comes to college, and kino.

It wasn’t just those two things as I said we went over a lot of stuff, but those two played a big part. When it came to college Magic explained to me, what I thought was a very powerful thing. First the dynamics of how the classroom works, and to grab attention and girls in class, but just the general attitude that girls in college, are looking to make cool moments and experiences to look back on, they want these intimate memories. It’s a really subtle thing, which I tended to always look over, especially when it came to taking risks, enjoying myself and having fun. That I could be that cool guy that brings these girls together and give them those college memories they’ve always wanted.

A lot of what he talked about was to reframe my limiting beliefs that in college, GIRLS WANT TO HOOK UP, they want those experiences, but it’s a lot less gaming and a lot more casual. As a result of looking at things this way, being more a playful guy, and incorporating a lot of other stuff that Magic went over with me, I’ve been building a much larger social circle of girls in college, and taking them out with me to clubs and other events which in the end has been helping me when it comes to gaming out in the city.

The really crucial thing I saw that Magic helped me with was my kino. It’s very fundamental and I always thought I was good at kino. But I notice now, that sure I might touch a little in the beginning, not nearly enough, and I was never turning my kino from platonic to sexual. He not only went over fun and easy ways to draw the interaction into a more sexual vibe, but he also helped get rid of a lot of beliefs that were holding me back.

Before I would always feel awkward touching the girl, from what I thought was touching too soon, and in my head I was would think, “damn I’m being creepy”. This also had been holding me back for months when it came to taking risks and being more sexual. It wasn’t until Magic kind of reframed the entire situation and said “If you try to get sexual with a girl, and she rejects you, she’s still flattered, because you’re complimenting her in such a way to think of her like that”. It made me think that it’s not a big deal. Especially with rejection. It was one thing to here it from him, but in a free video he has online in interviews this girl who, actually says the exact same thing. Thinking in this new light and incorporating a lot of the playful ways of turning the girl on getting more sexual have been really paying off lately.

On top of all this mental reframing, he also was sure to demo as much as possible to get me out of my head and show me what was possible. As I mentioned before it was cool to break a piece of my reality away and see him make out with a girl right in front of her boyfriend. But aside from that seeing him, jump into any group and make it happen and get physical fast was by far a great inspiration. The truth is that seeing him, was like looking into the future of where I eventually want to be, where I’m not really thinking as much about stuff and its just clicking. For example, at one point we got a bite to eat, it wasn’t even as if Magic was trying to demo at the time he was just genuinely interested in a our waitress, who happened to be a part time TV actress, without hesitation, his witty comments, great eye contact, and friendly attitude, had her writing her number on our bill. That is where I want to eventually be where its just second nature.

All in all I began incorporating what I learned and in my recent experiences, when I was with a large group of girls, this actually occurred twice in the last week. Being in a large group of girls, I was platonically touching all of them, but when it came to the ones, I wanted I’d start to do a bunch of these playful things, like sensually rubbing there hair, and on and on, but by dong this those girls got the picture fast, even if our conversation was completely unrelated, they ended up coming onto me fairly strong by the end of the nights, despite their friends presents. These are all things, people would tell me, but hearing it from Magic, getting the reinforcement from the girl saying those same words and then experiencing it, really has solidified a lot of new beliefs and ways in which I game.

I’ve really ended up enjoying and taking a lot from these recent coaching experiences with Magic, if anyone’s interested he’s got a lot of free stuff online on his myspace. – Magic – 32 – Male – LOS ANGELES, California and his website which I think is on his myspace as well.

I had some great experiences got over a lot of crucial things, and wanted to share it with all of you, if anyone is looking for some solid coaching I’d definitely recommend investing in yourself, by checking Magic out.

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