Added 4 New Girls To My Roster/Rotation And Had A Threesome

Will's Story

I did a bootcamp in NYC with Magic Dec 11-13.

It’s been about a month since so I thought I’d write a quick review.

Magic is a really cool guy and a great coach. A normal instructor who I could actually bring out to hang out with my social circle and not creep them out which is a compliment in itself. What I really enjoyed about working with him was that his shit was NORMAL and he wasn’t a fraud.

Best things about the weekend:

Fashion Advice – I learned a ton about fashion that I never knew before in an hour of working with him. He gave me a game plan to make me look slimmer which is something I’d been wanting for awhile. The shopping consult was almost worth the price of admission alone.

NOTE: His fashion tips were NOT THE STANDARD FASHION ADVICE OF wear a black blazer on top of 7 Jeans, with a skinny black tie and vest like you see every other Poo-Ah wear. He actually customizes it for your body type, ethnicity, work. There are a few big name guys who come in and basically they end up looking EXACTLY like the INSTRUCTOR. This was not the case with Magic. Everything was customized to you. You aren’t going to look like a goth rocker if you are a Lawyer

Inner Game – Spent a whole day personalizing what we needed to work on. I learned a ton about my sticking point as far as my business and motivation. I just recently have been seeing a therapist to work on my ADHD issues and the interesting thing is that Magic had a lot of the same insights my therapist did regarding my lack of motivation, etc.

Day Game – I have a separate review of Magic’s Day Game videos here:

[link to be inserted]

but I wanted to say, his day game was really original. It wasn’t the same rehashed thing that Mystery/Sinn/Pickup101/Ross Jeffries Gold Walkups. I actually saw him randomly daygame when we went shopping and the girl was eating out of his hand. The point I want to make here is that his take on this is different, completely normal, and not a lot to have to rehearse and memorize.

Social Circle/College Game/3 somes

His social circle game was very similar to what I do, but he actually codified what I was doing. Between that and his speech on 3 somes it helped me throw better parties/social circle game and provided that extra 1% that landed me that threesome


He has some really cool under the radar kino moves that I had never seen before that subcommunicate you are a sexual guy. His most famous one is the hair touch. Basically telling the girl she has beautiful hair and then stroking it.


Magic is really dedicated to his students. To be honest, I have no idea how he’s not burned out. I’m telling everyone to take his program before he either raises his prices or just says “fuck it” and decides to take his talent to something else.


He was demoing the entire weekend, even though he was feeling under the weather. The mark of a good coach (in my humble opinion) is that he walks the talk. He did exactly what he taught us in field and showed what is truly possible.

Biggest Learning Lesson of the Weekend

My goal for the weekend was a Same Night Lay. The second night I had the opportunity for a SNL with a friend of the guy we stayed with in NYC. Feedback was, “I wanted to fuck Will but right as I was super attracted, he went home.” (She ended up fucking another random guy an hour later). I’ll never forget that lesson. I’m sure I’ve done that tons of times in the past.


This is kind of woo woo, but Magic has a strong energy about him. It’s just rubs off on you. I really can’t quantify it, but after spending a weekend with him in NYC, I could just feel that my energy was cultivated as well. That I was sexual and grounded and masculine. Women were eye fucking me, the way Cory Skyy the natural talks about in his newsletters.

But that’s enough about Magic. Anyone can write a great testimonial and blow smoke up a coaches ass because of the law of reciprocation and the fantasy bootcamp high you get. If you can open and talk to a girl then that will get a great testimonial.

So, instead, I decided to wait a month before I wrote this. At the end of the day what really matters is “Have I gotten results”

Here’s how I changed after his program: (or as my good buddy El Tigre would say, “Yeah that’s great and all, but did you get laid?”)

The short answer is yes. I’ve added 4 new girls to my roster/rotation and had a threesome.

I’m crazy motivated in terms of my gaming and also my business endeavours and health. (Which I wasn’t before)

Dating really is a non-issue for me. I don’t obsess over this shit like I used to.

What I really got out of this weekend was that “I’m ok.” I’m completely comfortable in my skin when I go out. I don’t worry about shit being perfect. I’m enjoying myself. This is similar to what I learned when I did my first bootcamp with RSD. That “I’m ok.” Somehow along the last two years I had forgotten that. Magic helped put me back on track and put things in perspective.

You can read his testimony here.

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