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When I first meet a woman I focus on making her like me, then, after I see that she’s interested, I start working on generating more intimate, sexual feelings. First I start with normal, everyday conversation and then, BAM – I make the switch (fast).

Example: I start by asking her what she does for a living. When she answers, instead of saying “cool” or “tell me more” I playfully accuse her of lying to me.

Or, I’ll Look at her friends and ask: “is she messing with me? She gives me a ‘bad-girl’ vibe.”

Women love to be playfully teased! All her life she is told to behave a certain way and then here you come, a guy who encourages her to break the rules. It’s a chance for her to be herself and maybe she WANTS to be the bad girl.

This is rare. Most men are uptight which is why this conversation style instantly puts you in control. Women are more likely to feel “free” with you allowing you to easily transition to a more sexy interaction.

Here is the secret to my success with women: I make the flirting all about HER.

shutterstock_82789501When I meet women I focus on giving them the best time they’ve ever had.

I joke, I make them laugh. As a result they feel good and want to engage further. Lighthearted conversation allows me to transition into sexual territory very quickly. They speak freely with me and become very comfortable physically.

Here is the thing about women, when they’re enjoying the interaction there is little you CANT do. Once she is comfortable there really is nothing standing in the way of what you’re really after; a sexual encounter.

Here is an example of how I make this work. First I sit on the floor when a woman is talking to me. When she asks why I don’t want to sit in a chair, I playfully tell her that every man’s place is at a woman’s feet. She loves the response while I enjoy the view (especially when she’s in a mini skirt). Then I laugh saying my humor is horrible! She’ll laugh and immediately start engaging – it’s foolproof.

I know it’s juvenile but it works! It works because laughter is the best ice-breaker and because you’re playing to her ego while being just a hint sexual. Be careful to come across playful and not disrespectful.

Once you’ve “broken the ice” you can then take steps to turn her on. If you allow her to think she’s in control of the mood and direction of the conversation, she’ll be open to the kind of interaction you want.

shutterstock_153627725Don’t be afraid to touch her in ways that make her excited. Be aware of her body language and only do what makes her react favorably.

Here are some examples of implied sexual teasing; pretend to pick lint off of her lips and cheeks, or fix her bra strap if its showing.

If she encourages the previous, innocent touches, get closer. She’ll encourage you to arouse her further and when you make contact with her most intimate places her inner desire will all but take over. She’ll loose control.

At this point its safe to take control, you have consent and she’ll all but beg for you to take her home. I have had women tell me: “Take me home, or don’t, let’s do it right now.”

The point is this, you can have women begging for you within minutes of first meeting them.

The trick is knowing how to lead them down that intimate path.

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