Made Out With A Girl And Almost Pulled Her Home From The Training Session But Another Student Ruined It By Mistake! - Knomad

I opened a set of girls from Canada, and was getting great attraction with my target. I had been struggling with kino escalation and she was my practice dummy. We kissed a couple times, I was running my hand up and down her bare back, and was pulling her to a couch for isolation. Magic was running great game on the obstacles, and one of them was totally ready to have a long distance relationship with him just from how he made her feel. Magic managed logistics on how to pull my girl back to my room, and it was all set (she verbally expressed she was ready to her friend) and then some dramatic cock blocking events happened. Ah well, on to other sets. Magic really did an amazing job of logistics management, and building up my value through conversation with the obstacle. I owe him big time

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Hi Magic

FYI I wore a dress today – result: A car stopped and asked me if I was lost and needed a ride. He said he is a private hire cab. I was lost, so I did what your told not to do and got in. He took be right across town for $10 and gave me his card.

Got chatted up by a topless man in the park (who mentioned the word ‘we’ when walking about his life, so I guess has a girlfriend). A guy gave me his number who was canvasing for environmental issues and I was checked out 5 times!

Small difference with a large impact. Kept thinking of you laughing over my shoulder!

Let me know about tomorrow night