Had Same Night Lay On The Second Night Of Training Session!

Who are you? You’re power shield shelt from spell. Don’t Come and Closer. Stay there! No, get back! Get Away! One more step and you die! *Casts Lightning

*Breathes* You! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! SteamRoller… It’s really you. I was trapped in a terrible nightmare. It was dark and I was so cold and alone, but I knew you’d come for me. Oh Steam. Oh Steam.

– Lunar: The Silver Star (Sega CD)

It was about 1:10AM. I’ve just got done with the 2nd half of my 1on1 with Magic. I had a new perspective in game. Though, I’d rather save that for the actual review I write for him.

Anyway, As I’m walking back to my toward my car in Hollywood at the Cahuenga Bar Strip, I call JTR to see if him and the crew were headed to Pinks after. He’s in the club, so then I decide to txt him. As I’m txting him though, I see this nice HB9BWM (She’s Black, White and Mexican) standing all by herself looking very upset and a bit depressed.

This was the type of girl I’d look at in my middle school days and get all edgy and want to fuck.


late 1999

SR Thinking: (OMG, look at that girl, her legs are sooo nice) *Begins touching self*
SR Thinking: (She’s hot, I want to feel “it” soooo bad…)

Girl next to me notices it and gets grossed out. I didn’t know she was watching until she said “did you have a good time SR”?

This KILLED my rep with all the girls in 7th grade. I couldn’t control myself and me jacking off. I shared my jackoff stories with some CC members I’m really close to. I think mine was the worst. Now, I can let it all out and have her enjoy it too!


So, I approach her in a very friendly frame that I learned from Magic:

SR: Hey, What’s up! Looked very friendly and I figure I come up and talk to you for a bit.

HB9BWM: Aww… I’m just really mad now. You don’t even know.

SR: What happened?

HB9BWM: The guys at the Vallet Parking screwed the hell out of me! I paid 30Gs for my car and they loose the damn keys!

SR: Aww… that really sucks. You seem so sweet too…

HB9BWM: Really *gives me a hug*
SR: *pushes her back* I’m from the IE, which is about an hour from here. I don’t know too many here in LA, so I’m just trying to make friends here.

HB9BWM: Really…? I don’t know that many people here either, and I’m from the Valley.
*She gets close to me again… but I held back*

SR Thinking: (Dammit! I really want to caveman her! …but I gotta hold back like Magic told me!)

I pull my face away and she goes on again talking about how mad she is about her car. It was brand new and she was out there alone to hang out… She wanted nice company

I listen to her well and begin to feel her pain out and try to get her to think positive. She begins hitting the umbrella by the other vallet kiosk. I just laugh and tell her its ok. She then decides to walk away. Instead of chasing her like I would usually do, I stayed there and held my ground. Somehow… she walked back to me to retell me why she’s so pissed off.

SR: Really, I know you’re not being yourself right now and your really pissed off. I know I would be, but I know you’re a really sweet person.
HB9BWM: Awww… Thank you.

I then realized something about women’s emotions that I’ve neglected for a long time. I need to keep open ears and read the emotion she’s showing me, and respond back with the right proper emotions. In this case, positive emotions.

HB9BWM: *comes to hug me again and as it looked to me, act like she was going to kiss me*

SR: *Pulls a bit back

SR Thinking: (Argh! I can’t take it! let me push a titty bit)

SR: *Kinos her face* You’re so cute, you know that… and you’re even sweeter on the inside.

We then Kclose shortly, and she backs off as bit and says “Malo!” (Bad Boy in Spanish). I then hold my ground while she walks off again. Sure enough, she comes back again and gives me a hug…

HB9BWM: I’m not mad at you *smiles

We Kclose again, and I put my hand on her titty to test her boundaries. Check! I then sweet talk her a bit more and walk around the Cahuenga Bar Strip to build comfort with her. She’s a sweetie, a good girl, but she says that she can’t believe that her car is still stuck there. That she’s not the type of person that this happens too. She recently broke up with her boyfriend, and like Paula DeAnda says “She’s single as a pringle”.

I then take her to a dark corner to isolate her and begin the make out. We do that for a bit, but she gives some LMR when I go for her pussy. So, then we go back to the Vallet Parking again, and at the stroke of luck for her! The guy finds her key. So feels happy as fuck… but still pissed off at them!

Just it seems were about to depart, but she’s so thankful I stuck with her for that time and have her confidence. I then tell her this:
SR: You know, you seem like you went through a lot and your a little pissed off too.

HB9BWM: Aww…

SR: *Takes over frame* Let me drive your car so you won’t do anything you might regret.

HB9BWM: but…

SR: No, no. It’s for your own good…

SR Thinking: (and mine too)

SR: So, let me drive.

She then smiles and gives me the keys. This is her new car, so I was careful, but I knew I was getting in since she trusted me enough with her new car. When we get in, I begin driving, and get stuck in traffic. While we’re waiting, she gets comfortable and begins to spread her legs out. I then ask her:

SR: Where to you want to drive… you live all the way in the valley and I have my car here.

HB9BWM: *Smiles at me with she nice glitter and make-up on her face* Anywhere you want babe!

It’s on now, so then I push her boundaries to test her.

She’s wearing a dress, so pull it up and pull her panties aside and begin playing with her pussy. She then shouts out “Malo!” again, but doesn’t give LMR.

2 girls outside see us while were stopped and one of them says “Oh my god! He’s fingering her pussy!” Then a bum playing the gituar on the outside also sees us and gives us the thumps up! LOL

I then drive to a dark residential neighborhood. Stop the Car, and begin the whole process. I pull down her dress straps and bra, revealing a nice set of C’s. and suck on them for a while. I then go downstairs and take off her panties.

I then finger her and get her wet as hell! Lucky enough I saw that orgasm video that JoRock Posted on the Irrelevent section. So, I figure I use that! Her car was as small as fuck! I felt like I was on Big People Small World (or whatrever its called, the show with the migets and the normal people). Sex was fucking hard in that small ass car, but I made it happen.

I got on her side and fucked her right on that seat. I put the Steam-Shades on her for a while too. She had such a nice ass, tight puissy, and not-so-small boobs (little big actually). We fuck for about 30 mintues there, and were both sweating like fuck. For some reason, that picture of Hydro wearing that bra saying “oooo” came to mind. So, what the hell, I’ll give him a shout-out. I then begin giving her my “ooo” face, and she laughs like hell, but breathes hard again. So, I keep going. It’s as hot as hell and I can’t see the windshield. Luckily, she turns on the A/C and clears everything up.

I then drive back to my car so the parking structure won’t close on me. I park for a while before I say bye to her. I get her number, but she doesn’t want me to leave.

HB9BWM: No babe, something like this never happens to me. I’m a good girl, but I’m so horny right now. Nobody’s gonna find out.

I then realized something. She was able to be let out of the cage so to speak because it’s a moment no one will know about. A time where she can unleash her sexual fantasies. I also realized this is the similar approach it would seem JTR does. I don’t know what he says… but it seems like what I’ve been doing at the moment. I can’t compare myself to somebody like him yet, but I’m still growing.

She’s only 22 (1 year younger than me), goes to school undecided on her major, hasn’t had sex for 2 weeks (which was with her ex), but has had sex with a girl.

She insists we go again. I then take a good look at her tits, play with her tits and pussy… and what the hell! Round 2!

As were driving back, my fellow CC brothers come to mind. So, I make a shout out to them.
SR: It’s funny, you know what my friend TBK would say to this?

HB9BWM: What?

SR: Imma Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewl youuuuuuuuuu!

HB9BWM: *giggles*

SR: My friend JTR would be like *makes speakerphone voice* Yo Steamy!!!!

HB9BWM: lol, stop it.

SR: I love these guys. My friend Zar would say “Im so damn Sexay!”

HB9BWM: Yeah, sexay!

SR: My friend cyse would say *makes tough voice* Good shit SteamRoller!

SR: B Bad would say “What up! What up!”

HB9BWM: Who are your friends?

SR: *Plays with titties* You wouldn’t want to know… Lord of Allure would say something about Bob Saget.

HB9BWM: *laughs* Bob Saget!

I take her to another dark residential area, but this time I suggest fucking her in the back seat. It worked out very well and we fucked like hell there! She was riding me… and when I was about to cum, she came to give me a blowjob to swallow my cum. We fucked again for about another 30mins.

Then, we both suggest on going back. I then find myself wiping the glidder off my face and taking the hair off as well.

When it was all said and done, I said bye to her and walked back to my car. I had her number and she told me she was down to become a FB.

I then get back too see the damn parking structure closed! Lucky enough Lord of Allure drove back to Hollywood to pick me up. I owe him a big one! Even if I paid him the gas money. I called JTR to tell him what happened! He was quite impressed and gave me props.

To top off the night, while I was waiting, some drunk douchebag was there with his friend waling back to his car. He kept shouting “Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeench toast!” His friend was taping him with his camera phone, so I figure I do that same:

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