Pulled A Woman Home From Workshop

If you’re looking for someone to sell you routines and gimmicks, then don’t waste your time with Magic. He won’t teach you how to trick women into liking you, or activate subconscious mental states that make you more desirable. But he will show you exactly what’s preventing you from being an attractive, high value guy, and how to overcome it.

He’s a very unique and skilled instructor who possesses an amazing ability to read people and instantly pinpoint their issues. What’s even more impressive is his passion for what he does, and how much he sincerely wants to see you succeed.

When I took his boot camp he gave me his full attention and effort and never wasted my time.
His advice was specific to me and focused solely on my problems.

It wasn’t an easy experience, as he pushed me far beyond my comfort zone and never accepted any excuses, but it was definitely worth it. Needless to say, his training definitely requires some patience and effort, but if you are willing to give both, you’re certain to get something out of it.

The boot camp took place over a weekend, starting Friday night and ending late Sunday afternoon.

On Friday night we met up for a brief introduction and then went out to the first venue.
Our only instruction for that night was to approach normally so that we could be observed.

I was partnered with Andrew, the other coach with us, who pushed me into sets and gave me advice in between them. I followed his instructions for the most part, but I was too anxious to get physical and too intimidated to stay in the sets for very long.

We eventually switched venues and coaches, so this time Magic pushed me into sets and observed me himself.

I approached about three sets and stayed in as long as I could before giving up.

When we met up the next day he gave me feedback and told me that my lack of energy and negative attitude were turning people off.

We then spent the next several hours going over exactly what was causing my problems.
Before the boot camp, Magic had given me an assignment to complete answering various questions about myself, but I wasn’t sure how they were relevant until just then.

He reviewed my answers and asked follow up questions to better understand my thoughts and perspectives, thereby uncovering what my issues were and why they bothered me.

As he started to understand, he began pushing me for details, and eventually it turned into a heated debate. He said a lot of hard truths that I wasn’t ready to accept, and told me that I had to decide how much I was going to let my feelings control and hinder me.

Eventually I realized he was right and it actually helped me feel better.

I’ve been going to therapy and taking medication for a few years now, but all it did was make me aware of my issues. What Magic did was push me beyond that without sympathizing or sparing my feelings.

No one had ever presented things to me in such a direct way before, but it was exactly what I needed. As impressive as the inner game stuff was, it was nothing compared to seeing him in action at night.

We spent the rest of the day going over the T.E.A.S.E. method before we left to go out and practice.

We went to a popular hotel lounge where we were again pushed into sets and observed.
After the first few, Magic told me to approach three girls standing nearby and to touch them as much as possible.

The one closest gave me her attention and we began talking as Magic watched from a close distance. I felt really awkward about touching her and it was clearly uncomfortable for us both. Regardless, Magic would walk by and subtly tell me to keep touching.

I did my best to talk to the group but none of them were investing into the conversation.

It was slowly dying and I was about to give up, when suddenly Magic came in like a whirlwind and completely turned things around. He entered with a ton of energy and immediately had them smiling and laughing. It was like a totally different group of girls had replaced the ones I was just talking to, and all he did was make small talk and they were hanging onto his every word.

He had completely captured their interest with just his body language and presence.

After a few minutes he left the set and I was again talking to them alone. However, this time was completely different, because now they were asking me questions and were actively interested in talking. I ended up spending almost an hour with them.

Eventually Magic and Andrew returned and started talking to two of the girls. The last one, an attractive blonde who had been standing the furthest away, came over to talk and was in my arms in seconds.

Magic whispered to me to pull her away and kiss her immediately.

Fueled by the courage from what just happened, I took her to a nearby couch, without any resistance, and was immediately making out with her.

We decided to find someplace quieter to talk, and spent another hour alone in the hallway of a random floor of the hotel. Ultimately we found our way to my car where we continued making out and doing other intimate things. We didn’t have sex, but the potential was definitely there.
I was so overwhelmed by how fast everything happened that I was too scared to push things any further. Nevertheless, the whole experience was pretty incredible.

We went from talking to foreplay almost instantly, and she was so attracted to me that it was easy to escalate things. Magic had won the group over with nothing more than his actions and attitude.

On Sunday we reviewed the previous night and ended the boot camp by receiving personal road maps of what steps to take next.

Mine was an exercise to help me continue to work on my issues.

About a week later I met up with the blonde girl after work. We had plans to make dinner at her place, but she was so into me that, instead, we just grabbed a quick bite and went straight to having sex. It was the easiest time I ever had getting a girl into bed.

It was really unremarkable and showed that I was capable of attracting women with the right guidance and training.

After that, I didn’t suddenly start dating models or anything ridiculous like that, but I did get a much needed push towards handling my issues, and saw firsthand what I was capable of if I worked at it.

If you’re serious about handling this area of your life, I wholeheartedly recommend Magic’s training to help you with it. His insights and direct style can really help fix whatever problems you’re facing.

It’s not an easy experience to go through, especially if you’re not someone who can handle criticism or who can be open minded to other approaches.

But if you are the kind of person who can endure it, he will make every possible effort to help you reach your potential. And if not, there always are plenty of videos and books on the internet for sale.

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