Best Experience Of My Life

I took his training last month, and yes, it has taken me a month, to recover and be able to look back on those 2 days with some clarity. It wasn’t an easy thing, it was in fact one of the hardest things I’ve been through in my life. And that in no way is any exaggeration.

At the moment, I’m just starting to be a little more at ease, when I’m around Magic, but at the time of my training, I was extremely tense. I could instinctually tell that, with every second I stood there, every word that I sputtered, he was examining and seeing through all my bullshit, and right to the core of me. Most of us walk around with some persona we try to portray, and I realized we often become all to comfortable in it, and when someone like Magic can stare strait through you, it’s down right terrifying.

I know every one of his trainings are completely different and are tailored to that individual. Since this is the case, my training mostly concentrated on inner game. And I hate to slap the world game onto it, because it was something I needed for life in general. He painfully made me realize on the first day that I’d been running around with no intent, doing this “flash game” and getting no where. He went on to identify and make me come to realize that certain parts of my life and my being were not congruent, productive, or lined up properly, therefore adversely effecting my game.

This sounds all find and dandy in, being written in one sentence, but going through the process was anything but easy. Magic doesn’t just tell you, this is wrong, and this is wrong. He makes you experience it, he drills you, looks inside your head, and plays games, of course as your experiencing them there’s no way you can tell he’s got a method to his madness, you just experience his full attention and force, its painful to realize you have an ego, and that your ego has been holding you back, and your life is unorganized.

With Magic he never identifies an issue unless he has a solution, which most especially with inner game, will say this is wrong this is wrong change it. Magic comes with practical plans of use for you to use and follow in order to make these powerful changes to your life.

It was such an experience, I’ve got to piece it into parts, now I know everything I just wrote seems a little bit heavy, but playing with emotions, fixing inner game, ways of thinking that’s the down and dirty part of it all.

Once that’s all sorted out its on to the Outer Game, which is the interesting part, as I’ve written before. Magic’s style is different. Where other methods might say, go in talk, then do this, move to phase three. Magic develops an extremely fluid style, which pushes directness, and sexuality right away.

He works on the fundamentals, Tonality, Animation, Physical Escalation, and Eye contact, which he calls TAPE, because at the end of the day it really doesn’t fucking matter what your saying, its how your saying it. The physical actions your taking, and the sub communication of what she’s picking up from your body language, tonality and everything else.

And fundamentals are everything. There was one point in when we were in field, I approached a set, and Magic came in to help, he took one girl, I took the other. I realize mine is stalling out and the girl is looking bored as fuck, I turn to look and Magic’s looking like him and his girl are having the time of their life. And she was ready to go to the bathroom with him within the first ten minutes. Of course since he was coaching, he only took it so far. But seeing barriers like that broken right in front of me was quite amazing. I’ve never see a bathroom pull or anything close to it before.

After the we were done, I asked Magic what his conversation with that girl was, turned out we were both having the same exact conversation with our girls, but through everything he was doing she was ready to GO.

We eventually got to improving my outer game as well.

To be honest, the inner game work was so powerful, and Magic’s brutal honesty took such a toll on me that the outer game seemed irrelevant at the time. I was just emotionally drained through it all.

The following weeks I began to slump a bit, after all the inner game work, with my ego ripped away I felt a bit vulnerable, I couldn’t hide behind anything or false person’s as I gammed, I just had to face ME. Not an easy thing to do.

But as Magic continuously repeated throughout my experience was that, this change doesn’t happen over night, it takes time, it takes reworking. And I needed the time to let everything sink in.

Within the past couple weeks, I’ve felt everything really coming together as he said it would. I got a lot of portions of my life outside of game, working a lot better for me, such as career, fitness, and so on.and recently all the “Game” related material has been clicking and fitting together, quite nicely.

The experience wasn’t a bunch of feel good, emotional masturbation, it was hard, but ever since everything has really been bouncing back, much more powerfully than it has ever been.

This wasn’t just a boot camp, this was a serious life altering experience for me, I wish I could have experienced it years ago, but I’m glad I’ve done it now, and I actually look back and wonder how sad it would have been to go on another year without having taken it.

Magic from the bottom of my Heart and Soul I want to thank you for investing in me with this life coaching experience.
– FJ

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Getting A Lot Of One Night Stands Since Training



These pics aren’t a representation of my entire wardrobe, but these

are some of the styles I typically rock when I wear the boots. I got

them at Rage Stock for $20 pre-distressed. 🙂 They really do work with

anything for me and fit my personality like you said. The other day, I

was rocking the boot at the beach with a tee shirt and long swim

trunks. I know, it sounds funny, but it worked for me. Travis agreed.

Still trying to get my walk down with the boots. It’s coming along

though. I’ve been getting much more attention in the field, and it’s

funny how a lot of the women I get turned on use the word masculine to

describe me since I started wearing these boots. “You’re so masculine,

and I love it.” Etc. They do give me a definite “edge.”

Post Boot Camp:

Since I took your boot camp, I’ve been getting a lot of SNLs. About 20-25% of the time I would go out (They’re not all 10s but I am getting laid).

That is until I found my current girlfriend. Speaking of which, I’m trying to decide if I should settle down with her. She is smart, beautiful, and family oriented.

Everything I want in a woman, but with my new found skill set, I feel as though I’m giving up A LOT of opportunities. I was wondering how you know you’re ready to get married? (I remember you said you were.) Just curious.


Next week, I’ll be moving to Fort Lauderdale, FL for Medical School.

So, if you are in the area, feel free to hit me up. You’ll be more than welcome to stay at my place. Also, in a year from now, I’ll be fully trained to do manipulations, which is similar to a chiropractic adjustment. If your back is still bothering you, I could have a look at it if you like, pro bono.



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