Same Night Lay Using Magic’s Techniques - Anonymous

I went out to baker st. near my house last night. I was meeting an old friend from the community. He not really active on this board, but he get around. I showed up at baker st. about ten. got me a beer and stood at the dance floor watching the band. I went down stairs to get me another beer and ran into two community guy, opening a set. they did not recognize me at first, so it was interesting to watch them, close and personal. I finally butted in… talked with the guys for a while, trying to answer their question. The Friend shows up and we head out side for a chat and i show them couple of moves to isolate chicks from groups.

they talked me into demonstrating some openings. So i walked around looking for girls to open. I hate that kind of pressure, so we end up at a table near a bar.

I saw this chick getting a drink by the bar. So i went up to the bar next to her and asked her what she was drinking. Some chick drink. We chatted for couple of minutes, pushing my kino quite heavy. I moved her, by placing my had on the small of her back to get out of the way of the crowd. I keep pulling her into me to speak, due to it being so loud, right after she would speaking in my ear, she would pull back, and take over her personal space. I would move to position my body so we were almost side to side, and she would move to try to be face front of me, kind of fun. So I decide that i need to lock-in. So i moved her again to this rail where i sat down and she was facing me. We chatted for a while. this girl kept say she had to go, she did not want me to miss out on my friends. I kept her get her ass back her.

We sat down at the table and I let my friend chat with her for a bit, so she felt comfortable with my friends.

I took her to the dance floor to watch the band. I whisper in her ear, gentle caressing my cheek to her and pulling back till are lips met…. I need to get the kiss over with…. we went back to the table and talked with the guys for little while. then i bounced her out side, so we could have a normal conversation. I gave her my jacket, because she was cold. She kept telling me she had a jacket in her car. So I told her we need to get her jacket from the car. So we got in her car. I told her to turn the heater on. We made out for about 10 minutes. I told let go back to my place. she agreed. The I asked if i could drive. We swapped seats. I started to leave, then decide to stop. I told her I wanted her to masturbate while driving to the house. She said ‘ok’, and and unbutton her pants and stated to finger her self, while driving. I asked her questions, ” how does it feel, what does it taste like etc.”
We got to my house and slept with her. got me a new fuck buddy… hehe

I would have to say kino and body language was about 90% the reason why i was able to pull this chick.

I used most of Magics, kino techniques, they all were effective. I was really shock when i told the girl to pull her pants down and how easy it was to get her to do this….

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Got Laid Within Few Weeks Of The Bootcamp! - DJ

Fellow DJs,

Take a minute to check this out.

There’s a lot of BS instruction going on out there. I know because I’ve done it!

I’ve studied the game in a few different countries, with a bunch of different so called gurus. It really important to get this area of my life handled, and even though I’ve had some major successes, no ‘system’ or ‘method’ has seemed totally natural to me.

By the way, of course I’m not getting paid for this, and I’m only doing it to give guys a better idea of what to look for when looking for instruction, regardless of where in the world you live.

Magic is ****ing amazing. He’s an LA based instructor and film maker of Indian extraction, and he’s blowing up a bit due to his natural and INTENSE teaching style. You can check him out at and he’s got a bunch of youtube videos and other free stuff to check out.

So, he showed up at my place, talked to some friends to get a better sense of what my issues might be, and asked a lot of questions. I invited him to stay with me over the weekend, and I’m glad I did, because as a result of his instruction, I’ve made some significant lifestyle changes.

It was as if everything he said, both in field and in the classroom portion before we went out was taylored to me. And it was all about being comfortable, conversational, kinesthetic, sexual, and cool. And it ****ing worked!

The first night we went in field, he was a riding me a bit because he knew I could do better. Sure enough, after a few sets, I was making out with a 21 yo former (haha) stripper.

The thing is, he doesn’t need to demo in field, because you can see what he’s doing and the effect it has on cute girls ALL THE TIME.

We did some more instruction on Sat, and I started to really understand what has been holding me back. This is stuff no one has pointed out to me, personal ****, and important. We worked out some openers that were natural and personal to me, and a few stories to convey value and express my personality. Then we went out to have some more fun at some cool clubs.

Again with the makeout! Magic is amazing in his ability to focus on you, watch every movement, and make suggestions on the fly. I kept getting texts from him on how to escalate. If that didn’t work, he had other ways to show me he to escalate.

I’m telling you guys, having the right kind of instruction makes all the difference, and from personal experience with basically all the major companies out there (I know, I know. I’m a bit of a hard case) I can count the guys who give the right kind of instruction on one finger.

Oh, and the next Friday I got laid, for the first time in months. And she was cute and super in to me. I can give more details if there’s questions, but this one had a lot to do with the style he helped me put together, and to being just much more relaxed knowing I’m getting my stuff together.

So, check it out, and tell him Don Player sent you! he’s at
Again, I’m a satisfied customer and student, nothing more, nothing less.


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