Got Approached By A Beautiful Woman During The Boot Camp For The First Time In His Life!

Magic’s personal coaching is invaluable, and I’ll never forget the first time he took me out into the field to practice some of the basics. I was standing alone at one point while Magic was watching me and I was practicing the things he had been teaching me about body language, attitude, eye contact, and energy level, and this absolutely gorgeous girl walked straight up to me and opened me! This has never happened to me before in my life by the way. It was awesome!

Thank you Magic!

I Have Women Smiling At Me And Giving Me Their Info Without Me Even Asking

Review of Boot Camp, Magic Attraction Methods Chicago

I had never attended a boot camp of this type before. I had only read a few books and read some message boards.

I took a chance on Magic and it was a life changing event for me. Magic created for me what many refer to as a “paradigm shift” regarding my life in general and with women.

Magic focuses a way of thinking and acting and doing this is not a script that you need to rely on. To me, this is extremely important. To truly seduce and attract women, you can’t rely on a script for your entire evening or you will surely fail.

What you should know about Magic is that his boot camps are highly customized to his students. He will fix what you need. Magic is very engaged and really listens to his students before giving answers. He wants to know you and the challenges you face, otherwise he feels he is wasting his time teaching you things that don’t apply. The weekend boot camp goes by so fast I see why he takes this approach as anything else will fail to yield the same results and be an overload of information.

My personal results were an instant and noticeable boost of confidence. When I returned from the camp many people made interesting comments to me about my energy and strangely women can sense this energy. I have women smiling at me and giving me their info without me even asking. It has completely blown my mind. After the camp was over, I knew without a doubt, that I had the tools to attract beautiful, smart and exciting women.

For me, Magic had to teach me how to create a romantic connection with women. This simple step in the seduction process had alluded me for my entire life. Magic literally opened my eyes to something I never knew existed with women and the results were instantaneous. Going out the second night, I did everything Magic coached me to do. I had no idea if it would work and I honestly didn’t understand that his techniques could even work. I took a leap of faith and followed his directions and the results were amazing. Women were really and truly interested in me. I approached 3 different groups of women that second night and it was unbelievable how Magic’s advice changed how women responded to me.

Magic’s techniques and advice were a complete game changer for my life, not only with women. This confidence infects other areas of your life and it is so clear to me know how having confidence with the opposite sex is so important for a man to truly be confident and successful in life.

I’ve got a lot of practice needed still to improve my success with women, but now I know what to do and I’m on the right path. Without a doubt I’ll date and experience wonderful women that I choose to be in my life, not the other way around. Before this weekend with Magic, I did not possess this skill and had no idea how to change this.

In one weekend I went from wondering if I would ever be able to attract the woman of my dreams and just hoping that if I kept staying positive and approaching more women and dating that someday someway I might find someone special. Instead, I now know without a doubt I can attract tons of women to choose spending time with and build a life enjoying them and having them interested in me.

All I can say is that if you are thinking about a boot camp with Magic, do it now! Each day you delay, you will regret that you didn’t meet Magic earlier in your life. The cost of this camp is nothing compared to what you will learn and the way it can change your life. The camp will pay for itself in business, life, friends and peace of mind.

Life is short! Why would you not take advantage of the knowledge Magic can share that will change your life forever?

Do you want to know you can attract women? Do you want a new life where you wake up with excited positive thoughts knowing you an achieve what you want in life? Do you want to spend time with wonderful uplifting women that can enrich your whole existence?

Call or email Magic right now. You have met your destiny, now it is up to you to take a step towards it.