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I haven’t talked to you in a while, how have you been?

Just recently I have gone on a few dates. One of them I went on I could tell that she was going to sleep with me by the first third of the date.

She is only 23 but she said this was also the best date she had ever been on. First one that wasn’t just dinner and a movie.

Towards the end I said we can hang at my place. I could drive her back to her car in the morning. She called me on expecting that she was going to stay the night. But said she knew she was going to sleep with me already. It was kind of funny, I knew she would sleep with me and she knew she would sleep with me but it didn’t occur to me that she did not know I already knew she would sleep with me.

I went on another date with a really cute red head that I knew from work, she hit me up on facebook and now she is really interested in me!

The next day I went to a club with a female friend of mine and had no intention of meeting anyone but ended up taking home this ridiculously hot girl! This girl was barley 22 and smokin hot! and the red head is 23 so age really doesn’t matter at all! One never asked my age and out of the other two that did, one was impressed that I was honest and that turned her on, and the other one straight out said it doesn’t matter.

You said if a girl is into you, age doesn’t matter at all and it’s impressive to see how true that really is!

I have at least 2 maybe 3 girls currently that want a relationship with me, most are good with being with me without an exclusive relationship.

Now I have a question for you,

XXXXXX and I are talking about having a threesome. This is something I mentioned before and it took a while but she became curious/interested in it. We talked about the details and what each of us want so now it just comes to finding another girl. She made it clear it has to be someone neither of us know.

She looked into where we could go and found several clubs that cater to this. I can’t believe how many clubs cater to this! There is one downtown that only allows couples and single women, no single men so we were talking about going there. Since more girls may be there for this reason that should make this easier.

XXXXXX is shy so I will be the one taking the lead to approach women and start the conversation. I have no idea what these places are like. I think approaching a woman with a women sounds extremely exciting but I am wondering if you have any advice on this for the initial approach. I read the Attraction Methods Threesomes Guide. I figure I just have to make sure that no one feels excluded or left out and I can just do what I do when it’s just me. I think getting a girl to go home with us should be a piece of cake since I already have a girl but at the same time generating attraction between 3 people may not be that easy.

Last thing I wanted to say is I was hoping I could do my last live coaching in L.A. I wanted to do some shopping down there again since there are a lot of really cool shops. I was going to call you earlier about the May 18th one you have going on but I had some things go down at work so it is hard for me to predict my schedule right now or get any time off. Hopefully everything will get settled at work soon. It would be great if I can go to your June 15th one.

Thanks for everything,

Pulled A Girl Within A Week Of The Boot Camp! Also Had A Same Night Lay In Vegas Two Weeks later! - Value

A bit about me, and a bit about my workshop with Magic:

I used alcohol as a crutch. It dulled my anxiety and I was able to escalate and get out of the nice guy mode. But it dulled my calibration when I wasn’t drinking I had tremendous anxiety. So, I started by doing working on building social freedom by doing the sarg-a-thon with Vince Kelvin. After that, I needed to to be able to model someone who was successful in field and so I did some in-field work with Blue, which was awesome…. I’m still continuing my infield work with Blue.

As things went along, I knew I wanted to do a more formal bootcamp in order to put together a long term roadmap and work on some inner game issues. I looked into Love Systems, as the consensus is that all of their coaches are amazing, but had some concerns that their business model might be built around extracting money. While I love the RSD material, I hadn’t really heard much word of mouth about their bootcamps and so I was a little reluctant to sign up for their program.

The weekend of the Magic CC talk, I asked a few people who had trained with him and the consensus was very good. I spent some time reading Quick’s review which was positive, and had a chance to talk with Megatron, who is interning with Magic, about his style – direct and aggressive – which is what I felt I needed to learn. I went on Magic’s webpage and saw reviews by JTR and Jeremy which helped solidify my decision. What finally pushed me over the edge was that Magic was affiliated with Brad P, and Brad is known for overdelivering and putting together a quality program – I knew that I would be in good hands.

The bootcamp itself was a two day one-on-one, from 2pm to 2am Friday and Saturday. Magic let me know that he would have one of his coaches in training be in on our session which I Oked. I went over to Magic’s place, and we got started.

Some of the very first words out of Magic’s mouth were intended to set the frame that, to get the best result, he would be completely honest (subtext: directly discuss my flaws) and that I would have to trust and follow him. I started from the beginning and explained my dating history from start to finish, and he cut to the chase, brought my flaws into the open so that we could work on fixing them. He also communicated to me that the only way that I would develop lasting change would be to go out in feild on my own and develop my skillset myself. He could coach me, but he couldn’t take my shots for me, I would have to do that on my own.

We then turned to my business background and talked about how to communicate my passion when I am talking about the work that I do. I realized that although I thought I had this area of my life covered, I’ve really been on cruise control and have to spend some time rediscovering my passions.

The rest of the day we spent talking about various situations in my dating life and how I should respond to them. We didn’t spend much time doing exercises because Magic felt that they were unnecessary for my stage of development. After that we grabbed a bite to eat and went out into the field.

We went out in Hollywood to the Well and the Caheunga bars. At the Well I opened two sets, but eventually they died. Magic let me know that I wasn’t reading the girls’ responses to me and I was missing a variety of opportunities to escalate and keep the group vibing.

Another issue I had was properly dealing with AMOGS/males in the set. I was devoting way to much time to disarming them, which distracted my attention from the girls and would let the sets fade. This happened to me in particular at the Beauty bar, where some CheeseDick intentionally tried to AMOG me. While he didn’t do a good job of shaking my confidence, he did distract me from the girls for me to blow my set.

Towards the end of the night, I ended up number closing a really hot chick from Colorado. The set went really well, except I didn’t escalate at times when I had the opportunity and so the vibe started running low at times. Magic told me I wasn’t being direct enough with my SOIs and the girls would get confused.

The very last set of the night was a hot Columbian Chick at beauty bar. I was on a roll and feeling pretty good, and I ended up number closing her and making out. She had to leave but then I ran into her outside again. Magic pointed out that I missed a great opportunity to take it to the next level, and that this was a habit in how I was running my sets.

The next day we started off on Melrose doing a little bit of shopping to help my initial attraction through my style. One of the big things that Magic consistently repeated to me was that my vibe was way too clean cut and that it was communicating all of the wrong things. I needed to get messy and communicate messiness to the girls because if your dtf, your going to be messy! I picked up some great accessories and we went back to his place.

Magic was able to break down for me where things had gone poorly in my sets and told me that in order to succeed I’ll need to start taking more risks and providing the sets with direction. I’ve been far to ambivalent until now, just taking things as they go. He also talked about reading attraction signals from women’s body language.

For the rest of the day we talked about phone game and setting up day twos. We also spent some time talking about limiting beliefs. When we got to social circle game, everything hit home about me not providing direction in my sets. I realized that I wasn’t providing any direction to my social circle either, just taking things as the go rather than being proactive and creating the social group that I want.

At the end of the night, he broke everything down for me in a very positive way, and put together a gameplan to help me to continue to grow. At the very beginning he made clear that there is no “pill” that you take, but that its hard work, and the time you put in ON YOUR OWN that makes you better, and it was clear to me that my journey was just beginning…

At the very end Magic let me know that he would provide me with a follow up session on social circle game and fashion because we weren’t able to cover all of it during the bootcamp itself, too much information and too little time.

All in all, I recommend Magic. One of the problems I have with the “community” is that a lot of times its just people blowing smoke up each other’s asses. I’m giving it to you straight: Magic did not transform me overnight, but he did provide me with the tools, and a blueprint, to develop my cold approach and dating skillset; similarly, when the time is right, he will help me with my social circle development. He’s an expert at understanding bodylanguage and he can help you develop yours and your ability to read the body language of others. Because of his help, I know I will be successful.

My key takeaways:

[*]No more bootcamps – in fact, I probably need less information. I really just need to get into the field and practice. (That’s how I know I can trust Magic – he’s not trying to upsell me)

[*]Don’t pay any attention to cheese-dick amogs, the point is to talk to the girl, not him

[*]Set boundaries in my life. If somebody crosses me, say so and make them earn my respect/trust/friendship

[*]Grow some balls and escalate. Until I’m told by women to stop, or getting laid consistently, I need to amp up my risk taking.

[*]Read Love Signals by David Givens and pay attention to womens body language; go out a few times just watching body language.

[*]Sign up for some romantic acting classes to learn the language and monologues of seduction.

[*]Start providing direction to my interactions – what’s the next step, where am I leading this?

[*]Start thinking through scenarios in my head to understand: 1) the direction I am providing to the set, 2) how to overcome obstacles and 3) realize the errors that I am making and create contingencies for them.

Since Magic’s bootcamp last weekend I can say I’ve successfully pulled one chick (wasn’t able to get past the LMR, but had fun none the less), and am really looking forward to tonight and the weekend

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